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How to enable and use the Dropbox Integration to Pipeliner Cloud
How to enable and use the Dropbox Integration to Pipeliner Cloud

How to enable Dropbox integration to Pipeliner Cloud so your team can share and sync documents between Pipeliner CRM and Dropbox.

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This integration between Pipeliner Cloud and Dropbox allows you to access files from Dropbox within Pipeliner, linking them to Accounts, Contacts, Lead, Opportunities and Activities.


In order to use this integration, you will need to have a Pipeliner Cloud subscription and a Dropbox account.

How to activate the Dropbox integration in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

From the Admin Module, click on the "Automation Hub" Menu Item and find the Dropbox integration ⤵

Click on the "Dropbox" card and then “Add”. In the Automation Hub, the integration will now show as “Add Pending”. A member of our team will approve and, as soon as that is done, the integration will be running ⤵

Activating the Integration from User Settings in the Pipeliner Web App

Once the integration is running, each user will need to activate it within their User Settings. Click on the user’s avatar in the top right and then the "Settings" button ⤵

All our integrations are visible in the "Apps" tab ⤵

Select Dropbox, click on "Activate" and sign in to your Dropbox account. Click on “Continue” to grant permissions for the app to access your Dropbox account ⤵

Click on “Allow” ⤵

The integration will then show as Activated. Click on "Close" to save your changes ⤵

NOTE: To deactivate the integration, click on the Deactivate button.

How does it work?

Wherever you are able to attach a file to a record, you’ll now be able to choose to select that file from Dropbox ⤵

If you use a Dropbox personal account you will have to agree to the Dropbox terms and conditions regarding “Public” files by clicking on the “Confirm” button ⤵

Once confirmed, you’ll then be able to see and access the file from the Documents tab of the record that you linked it to ⤵

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