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Accessing the Pipeliner API Key
Accessing the Pipeliner API Key

How Admins can access your Pipeliner API Key from the Admin Module

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Pipeliner Administrators for our Business and Enterprise customers can access the API keys for Pipeliner from the General Tab in the Admin Module. Use the API Keys to set up a connection between Pipeliner and Zapier or PieSync or for custom integrations.

When working with custom integrations to Pipeliner, you can assign specific permissions to each application that you are integrating with as well as use different usernames and passwords to maintain isolated security per Application.

How to access the Admin Module General Tab

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the "App Switcher" in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu.

You will be on the “General” tab by default ⤵

Click on the “Obtain API Key” button.

This will take you to the Applications section within Units, Users, and Roles

Here, you can create mutliple Applications based on your integrations such as Marketing Tool, Internal ERP, Invoice Client etc. Every Application contains separated permissions to ensure your data is safe. For example, your Marketing tool could update Contacts and Accounts, but you might not grant permission for it to update Opportunities or Leads.

Creating a New Application

Create a new Application at any time by clicking on the “Create New” button⤵

This will automatically generate a new API Key for your Application. Click on “Edit Permissions” and establish who should have access to the application ⤵

Here, you can restrict access based on “Records”, Administration”, and “Misc”

Once you have established Permissions and have set the Application up correctly, Copy & Paste the values into the integration you are setting up.

For an existing Application, click on “Show Access” to see the API Key or Generate a New Password

NOTE: The existing password will not be visible, though you can generate new User Name and Password at any time!

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