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Accessing Sales POP! Content Inside Pipeliner
Accessing Sales POP! Content Inside Pipeliner

Discover everywhere in Pipeliner where Sales POP content is accessible.

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Sales POP! isn’t just a word — it’s an acronym for “Purveyors Of Prosperity.” As a modern digital magazine, Sales POP! multimedia delivers written content, videos, e-publications and free tools that highlight key topics in today’s sales landscape. Our goal is to provide expertly curated content to empower sales professionals and leaders to achieve new levels of success. Through our platform, we hope to offer unique insights into the constantly evolving sales world and what it means to both modern business and society at large. Sales POP! content is accessible throughout Pipeliner and we encourage you to engage and take advantage of this valuable resource.

To access Sales POP! content at any time, click on the Pipeliner Applications menu in the upper left corner ⤵

When you click this Menu Item, it will take you directly to the homepage of the website

Sales POP! In the Navigator

Sales POP! content is delivered daily within the Navigator menu, available for every Pipeliner user. Every day, we feature a new article that contains a direct link to content from Sales POP! Our goal is to provide you with refreshing articles that you may find useful in advancing your sales expertise and knowledge. This is a great way to start your day and get in the mode for selling!

When you click on the article in Navigator, it will open up a new tab redirecting you to the Sales POP! website ⤵

NOTE: Once you click on the link to open up the article, the widget will disappear for the rest of the day.

The widget will automatically display the most recent articles. If you have already viewed an article, it will select the newest article you have not yet viewed. In order to customize what articles you want to see, select the gear icon and you can pick preferred categories of sales content you want to be delivered on a daily basis. Choose from a variety of categories to access articles related to your personal interests ⤵

Also under the gear icon, you can unsubscribe at any time from the Sales POP! widget. As soon as you unsubscribe, the widget will be removed when you are in Navigator

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