Learn what you can see on the General tab

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The General tab gives you a quick overview of your Pipeliner space. On the right-hand side, see how many licenses you are using and how many are available for allocation as well as how much of your Sales Space Storage is being utilized ⤵

Under Sales Space, you’ll see the name of your space and see which region your database is hosted within.

If you’re also a Subscription Administrator (as shown below in the Subscription Admins list), you’ll be able to click through to the details of your subscription as well as access a couple of extra options.

Hover over the area for space image and click on the Camera icon to add a logo or image to represent this space ⤵

Click on the "Reset Space" button to remove ALL data OR ALL data and ALL customisations from this Pipeliner space.

NOTE: There is absolutely no Undo option if you choose to reset your space. Generally, you’d only use this right at the very beginning of using Pipeliner to remove test data, for example.

Finally, use the “Obtain API Key” button to get your API credentials to use for custom integrations using our API.

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