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Learn about adding Company Email addresses for users to use when sending emails from inside Pipeliner

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Whether you’re sending marketing communications or notifications, sometimes you want to send emails from a company email account such as instead of your personal account.

The Company Emails tab allows you to add in these "company" emails for use in Pipeliner. Company emails can be used for mass emails, standard emails, Email Sequences or via the Automatizer.

Company Emails are enabled by Pipeliner Admins in the Admin Module. Click on the Settings menu and then the Company Emails tab.

A Gmail or Microsoft 365 (Office 365) account is required in order to enable a company email address. Click on "Add Email Account" ⤵

Choose the email account, enter the password and approve access for the app ⤵

Once the email addresses are enabled, Admins can restrict who has access to company emails by adjusting "User Roles" from the Roles tab in the Units, Users and Roles menu ⤵

Then, users can choose to send emails from the company email address instead of their own personal email address in Pipeliner by changing the “From” field in the dropdown menu ⤵

NOTE: it's important to understand that using a company email address simply allows you to use an alternative address when sending emails. This is not the same as enabling email integration - for example, no replies will be captured or tracked in Pipeliner. If you want to capture replies and have them visible on the Feeds in Pipeliner or tracked by an Email Sequence to unenrol recipients, for example, you must enable full email integration for the user email address that you are sending the emails from. How to do that is described here for Office 365 and here for Gmail.

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