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How to enable and use the Microsoft Teams Video Calling Integration to Pipeliner
How to enable and use the Microsoft Teams Video Calling Integration to Pipeliner

Learn how to activate Microsoft Teams Video Calling from the Automation Hub and how to access within Appointments in Pipeliner.

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Most of us now rely on video meeting apps so we’ve embedded a “Video Calling” widget that links "Microsoft Teams" directly into Pipeliner appointments.

Once enabled, your users need to activate their own account from the "Settings › Apps" tab and will then be able to select from the Microsoft Teams Meeting dropdown in the Video Calling widget to automatically create a meeting link in the Location and Description. Adding "Attendees" to your meeting will automatically share these details with them.

PREREQUISITES: In order to use this integration, you will need to have a Pipeliner Cloud subscription and an Office 365/Microsoft Teams account.

How to activate the Microsoft Teams Video Calling integration in the Pipeliner Automation Hub

From the "Admin Module", Pipeliner Admins will next click on the "Automation Hub" Menu Item.

Find the "MS Teams" integration ⤵

Click on the "MS Teams" card and then “Add for Free” ⤵

The integration will now show as “Running” ⤵

User Activation in the Pipeliner App

Each user will need to activate the "Microsoft Teams" app from their "User Settings" ⤵

Click on the "Apps" tab and find the "Microsoft Teams" app ⤵

Click on “Activate” and enter your "Office 365" account login details and, once the connection is made, the "Microsoft Teams Video Calling" app will be running ⤵

How to use the Video Calling widget with Microsoft Teams

Whenever you create an Appointment in Pipeliner, you’ll now be able to access the "Microsoft Teams" integration from the "Video Calling" widget in the right hand panel.

Fill in the subject and date and time of your planned meeting and then click on “Add Microsoft Teams Meeting” ⤵

The "Description" and "Location" field of your "Appointment" will be automatically populated with the meeting details and link ⤵

You can join the meeting directly from the widget by clicking on “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” ⤵

You can copy the meeting link so you can paste it into an email to send to attendees via email and also delete the meeting if necessary ⤵

Adding contacts as “Attendees” will automatically send them a meeting invitation which will include the Zoom meeting link ⤵

Attendees can then add the meeting to their calendar and accept or decline the invitation as with any other meeting ⤵

Editing the Appointment in Pipeliner will also update the meeting details in Teams.

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