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Advanced Fields & Forms — Autonumber Fields
Advanced Fields & Forms — Autonumber Fields

Learn how to create Autonumber fields in Pipeliner CRM and how they work

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Autonumber fields in Pipeliner can be used to generate unique values for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks or Appointments

When any new record is created and saved, the "Autonumber" field is automatically populated with the numeric element incrementing by "1" each time.

Using Autonumber Fields

Autonumber fields are an easy way to create an accessible and searchable unique tracking number for any type of record.

Note that a new number is generated every time a new record is saved. An autonumber cannot be triggered to populate when an Opportunity is moved, for example, only on record creation.

Make sure that you are happy with the text/date/number/starting value combinations before you save your field as none of these can be updated afterwards.

Creating an Autonumber Field

Use the "App Switcher" in the top left corner to move from the "Web App" to the "Admin Module" then click on "Fields & Forms". Select the entity you want to create the "Autonumber" field for and then, from the Fields tab (or directly from the Form) create a new field choosing Autonumber as the "Field Type".

Name your field and decide if you want users to be able to search by the generated numbers in the "Global Search" (you’ll usually tick this box!)

Next, decide on the "Structure" of your field. The “Example” shows you exactly what your numbers will look like when records are created and saved.

You can switch off all options except the Autocount number. Otherwise, build your structure according to your preferred combination of text, date (always 4 digits) and number (minimum of 5 digits)

You can change the order of date and auto count by using the arrows ⤵

Add a start value to the autocount number by clicking on the gear icon and add digits using the "+" ⤵

You can hide this field from users based on their "User Role" using the “Edit Permissions” option ⤵

Remember, none of these options can be changed once you’ve clicked on the “Save” button. Once you’re happy, “Save” and then add the field to the Form and "Publish" your changes ⤵

NOTE: The number will be generated automatically for all new records saved in Pipeliner AFTER it has been created and added to the Form. No existing records will be updated.

How Autonumbers work in the web app

When users create a new record but haven’t saved it yet, the Autonumber fields will display as "N/A" ⤵

As soon as they have saved it, however, the number will be displayed ⤵

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