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Advanced Set Up — Custom Entity Names
Advanced Set Up — Custom Entity Names

Learn how to rename main Entities in Pipeliner CRM so you can use your own business terminology

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The following article covers the following topics:


For some businesses, the use of specific terminology is extremely important for consistency across the organisation as well as user adoption.

Unlimited Tier customers are now able to change the names of the main Entities in Pipeliner to reflect this business need. For example, “Opportunities” can now be changed to “Deals” if that’s the terminology you always use ⤵

Other examples perhaps could be that your business works exclusively with doctors and you want to rename “Accounts” to “Practices” or maybe, for your company, “Contacts” are “Subscribers”.

Key features:

  • The name for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Projects can be changed from the new Settings tab in "Administration › Fields & Forms › {Entity}"

  • When you change an Entity name, that change is reflected in

    • System Fields (eg. Opportunity Name)

    • Pipeliner interface (Navigation, Detail Screen, New Reports)

  • Users will experience the change in

    • Pipeliner Web Application

    • Mobile App

    • Add-ins — for example, the Outlook Add-in

  • There will be no change to custom names (report names, profile names, custom fields, custom forms). For example, if you have created a custom field named “Opportunity score”, you will need to manually update the name to “Deal Score” — the name of this field would not be changed automatically.

The Entity Name Change feature is available free of charge to customers on our Unlimited tier. If you are on one of our other tiers — Starter, Business or Enterprise, please contact your Account Manager directly or via to discuss your options.

How to change an Entity Name

Pipeliner Admins need to access the Admin Module using the App Switcher icon in the top left corner of Pipeliner and selecting “Administration”.

Next, click on Fields & Forms and choose the entity that you want to rename and click on the Settings tab ⤵

Type in the singular and plural forms that you want to use for your new entity name ⤵

Click on "Save" and the change will be immediately applied.

NOTE: It’s very important that you recognise and remember that this is a custom change specific to your individual business. This is of particular importance when contacting our Support team. Please make sure to note in any support enquiry that you have made a custom entity name change to allow us to answer your questions effectively!

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