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Lead Management — Creating Lead Processes
Lead Management — Creating Lead Processes

Pipeliner Admins can create Lead Processes to help users manage Leads through to Qualification using steps, checklist activities & documents

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There is often a whole process behind qualifying a lead. In fact, if yours is the type of company that can get Leads from different sources - Inbound enquiries, Outbound calling or Partner Referrals, as examples - there is often more than one lead process to follow to effectively manage each of those different types of Lead.

Our new Lead Management functionality allows an unlimited number of lead

Processes, each with different steps and associated Activities Checklist made up of text prompts, field prompts or activity prompts, each of which can be made “required” - just as when creating a pipeline for an Opportunity Process.

We’ve added a new Board View, similar to the Pipeline View for Opportunities, so that your Business Development Team gets the same powerful visualization of where all their Leads are in the process and, by adding the Qualification step as the final state for all processes, allowing clear visibility of their wins!

Additionally, Pipeliner’s Automatizer feature, Office 365 email integration and many other functions can be combined within lead processes.

Adding/Updating a Lead Process

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner and choose “Administration”:

NOTE: Only Users with Admin Rights will see the Administration menu

Select "Processes" from the menu and then click on the “Lead Processes” tab ↴

Before you make any changes, you’ll see one existing process named “Default Process”. Click on this process to open up the right hand panel so you can change the name.

From the right hand panel, you can also select a colour to be associated with this process and can manage your Lead Steps.

Click on “Add Lead Step” to create a new step and add it to the end of your process (before the Qualification step which you will see for every process when using the Web application).

​Click on an existing Step and then on the pencil symbol to edit the details. You can change the name of the Step as well as add Sale Activity Checklist items and attach Sales Step Documents to the Step ↴

Sales Activity Checklist

The Sales Activity Checklist includes the Activities (prompts to plan Calls, Tasks, Appointments), Fields (prompts to fill in values in specified fields) and Checkboxes (Text prompts which act as reminders) that together define your company’s best practice for managing Leads through the process.

Each Step can have its own independent checklist making it easy and clear for your users what their next action should be when they are responsible for managing a Lead.

For each Checklist item, you can choose to set it as:

  • Not Required” - an informal prompt for your users

  • Required” - must be done/ticked/filled in in order to move the Lead into another Step

  • Activity Completed” - in the case of an Activity, the Activity must be marked as “Completed” in order to move the Lead into another Step

Sales Step Documents

You can upload any number of files to attach to each Lead Step. These files should be useful background resources or information to help the user work on the Lead.

Carry on until you’ve added the Checklist items and Documents you need for that Step and then click on “Modify” to save your changes (or “Cancel” to revert).

You can delete any step by clicking on the “Delete” icon or can re-order your Steps by picking up a Step using the arrows symbol and dragging and dropping it to its new place ↴

Finish off the rest of your Lead Steps and then click on “Save” to save your process ↴

Once your first process is complete, you can add additional processes either by clicking on “Add New Process” or by copying an existing process and then amending.

If you click on “Add New Process”, you’ll need to add a name and at least one Lead Step in order to save it by clicking on the “Create” button ↴

Deleting a Process

You can delete a process but please note that any Leads currently in that process will then only be visible from the Leads tab of an Account or Contact they are related to or by using Reports to access them.

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