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Automation Hub - Using Analytics and Logs for Integrations and Addons
Automation Hub - Using Analytics and Logs for Integrations and Addons

Use the Analytics and Logs for your addons and integrations to track usage and identify problems

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If you’re using any of the integrations or addons from the Automation Hub in the Admin Module, you now have visibility of run analytics and logs from the Automation Hub tab in the Admin Module while Subscription Admins can view similar metrics for addons across all their Pipeliner spaces.

You’ll be able to view your usage of the API and the number of Automatizer runs as well as troubleshoot any problems by examining the run logs.

The Analytics Tab

The Analytics tab shows the data of 4 main metrics:

  • Runs by Integration - number of runs per time period for each integration

  • Pipeliner CRM Entity Operations by Operation - create, update, delete operations

  • Pipeliner API Calls by integration - number of calls made by the Pipeliner API for each integration

  • 3rd Party API Calls by integration - number of calls made by any third party API for each integration

Each of these can additionally be:

  • Filtered by date, space, addon, user, status

  • Visualized per day or hour by choosing granularity

  • Variously grouped (depends on metric)

  • Visualized according to preference (line, bars, stacked bars)

The displayed charts include:

  • Pie Chart for the overview within selected date range (choose from Date Range dropdown)

  • Time series chart for overview over time break down to hours / days (depending on your choice of granularity). You can select from line, bar or stacked bar charts.

  • Zoom functionality for changing / zooming into a more detailed date range (hover over an area on the time series chart)

Grouping options vary by each metric but all include the option “Do Not Group” as well as other relevant options

Admins can use combinations of filters and grouping to identify integration usage, performance, any issues etc.

The Logs tab

The Logs tab shows the integration run logs with filtering possibilities (Date range, space, Addon/Integration, User, Status)

Click on View Log to see the specifics of each log run. This is extremely useful if you see any errors in the logs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I do if I don't understand an error from the Logs?

Please email full details including screenshots of the logs and the addon to and our Support team will be happy to help you.

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