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Location Tracking - Tracking Activities based on their location
Location Tracking - Tracking Activities based on their location

Activate this add on to track the location of logged activities created in the Pipeliner Mobile app

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The Location Tracking add-on, available to all customers from the Automation Hub, gives customers the ability to track the location where appointments or other activities take place. Once activated, users will need to enable the new Location Tracking for Activities option in their Mobile App settings and will then will create - or update - Appointments, or other activities, using the Pipeliner Mobile app when they are at the meeting location and the coordinates will be stored to the activities in a new, read only Geolocation field.

Once all Activities are synced from the Mobile App to the web app, it will be possible to add the Geolocation field to the Activities List View and clicking on the Geolocation field will show a map view with the location of where that Activity was created. ⤵

For Users: how to enable the Location Tracking in your Mobile app settings

Click on the main Menu option in the Mobile app and then the gear icon in the top right to access your Settings ⤵

Once in Settings, click on Preferences ⤵

Enable Location tracking for Activities then click the back button to return to Settings and again to return to the main menu ⤵

Click the Sync button to ensure the Mobile app is fully synced ⤵

How does Location Tracking work?

You simply need to update an Activity - or create a new Activity if it does not already exist - while you are in the correct location.

You can do this from anywhere in the Mobile app where you can see the Activity if it exists already. Shown below is the main Calendar view ⤵

Click on the correct Activity and then the Edit symbol (the pencil) ⤵

Add notes about the activity to the Description field in the normal way (or update another field) and Save ⤵

You'll then see a message that the app is obtaining the current location ⤵

Carry on with your schedule making sure that the Automatic Sync is working correctly (sometimes poor connections or dropped connections can mean you need to sync manually) and the Location will be synced to the web app.

It works in the same way if you create the Activity directly on the Mobile app - this example below shows adding a new Appointment from the Activities tab of an Opportunity ⤵

Add in the details of the activity and Save ⤵

User Prompt to enable Location Tracking

If your Admin has activated Location Tracking in the Admin Module but you have not enabled it in your Preferences in the Mobile app, when you next update an Activity, you'll be prompted to activate it ⤵

Viewing Activity Location on the web app

Wherever you are viewing Activities, you will be able to add the read-only field named Geo Location to your List View. ⤵

This example is from the main Activities menu using a profile that only displays my appointments ⤵

Clicking on the coordinates displayed in the Geo Location field will open a map showing the location of the activity. Zoom in to see more exact details ⤵

For Admins: how to activate the Location Tracking add-on in the Automation Hub

In the Admin Module, click on the Automation Hub menu and scroll down until you can see Location Tracking ⤵

Click to Add it to your space ⤵

Once running, a new sytem, read-only field "Geo Location" will be added automatically to Activities.

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