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Advanced Forms - Working with Card Views
Advanced Forms - Working with Card Views

How to update Primary Account and Primary Contact cards as well as Lookup field views to include additional fields

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Admins can now update the fields that are visible on the card fields such as Primary Account, or Primary Contact on Opportunity or Lead or on Lookup fields. These changes apply at the Entity level so if you change the fields for the Primary Account card, you will see the same fields when viewing Account Lookup fields. ⤵

How to update the Primary Account Card on Opportunities

From the Admin Module, choose the Entities menu and then the Opportunities tab. Click on the Opportunity Form and then choose "Edit Form" ⤵

Click on the gear icon for the Primary Account card and choose "Modify Field Form Settings" ⤵

Click on the Card "Edit Fields" link ⤵

In the Account Card View Editor, drag and drop fields from the right hand panel. You can select a maximum of 8 fields. When you're finished, click "Save" and then "Close" ⤵

"Save" your Form and then "Publish" your changes ⤵

Switch to the web app to see the result ⤵

Updating Lookup Field visibility

You can add additional fields to a card view for Lookup fields. This works best for Lookup fields where you have enabled a Primary Relationship or have set a maximum number of related records to 1 rather than multiple records.

From the Form, choose "Modify Field Form Settings" for the Lookup field you want to update ⤵

In the Visualization section, change from "Multi-selection" to "Card" and then click on the "Edit Fields" link ⤵

Drag and drop the fields you want to include ⤵

Save your changes and then Publish and switch to the web app to see the new fields ⤵

Remember that if you change the visualization for a Contact Lookup field (for example), you'll also see the same visualization for other Contact Lookups using Card view as well as when viewing the Primary Contact card ⤵

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