Call with MS Outlook Add-In on Mobile Devices

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In December 2016, we released Pipeliner CRM native MS Outlook Add-In. It's absolutely great! You have to try it if you are an MS Outlook user. We bound together these applications over a calling feature. Last time we discussed how you can initiate a call over the Pipeliner CRM Desktop app on your mobile device. This time we will take a look at how you can initiate a call over the Pipeliner CRM MS Outlook Add-In on your mobile device.

Meet the Pipeliner CRM MS Outlook Inbox Add-In

Here is a short video explaining your NEW Pipeliner CRM MS Outlook Inbox Add-In: Play in a new window.

How Calling over MS Outlook Works

So, you are now using the latest Pipeliner CRM version, you have installed Pipeliner CRM on your mobile, you have the product version that supports it and you have the compatible version of MS Outlook. Let's call one of your customers over the MS Outlook. In this scenario we will be using Online Web Version of MS Outlook.

NOTE: By using this feature, you are using your own cell phone service provider for calling your customers. TIP: You can use this feature almost everywhere throughout the Pipeliner CRM application, where you are able to access the phone number.

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