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Updating my Profile Picture
Updating my Profile Picture

Learn how to upload your profile picture into Pipeliner Cloud

Updated over a week ago

Get into your "User profile settings" by clicking on Avatar in the top right corner as shown here ⤵

In the User profile settings click on the small camera icon inside the Avatar area ⤵

NOTE: This applies only if your Avatar photo is not defined. In case your Avatar photo is already defined, a select dropdown appears upon clicking on the camera icon — by selecting "Browse" you can select different Avatar photo; by selecting "Remove" you'll remove existing Avatar photo

Browse to your desired photo of choice on your computer and open it. Drag the yellow corners to crop your selected photo. You can also move the square selection area to be able to pick up a different area from your photo ⤵

NOTE: Inside the Image Editor, you can also rotate your photo by 90-degree steps in both directions.

Once you are satisfied with your changes, click "Apply". You can cancel anytime and go back to your User profile settings by clicking on "Cancel".

NOTE: We suggest you are using JPG format with square proportion photos and at least 400px width and height. We also accept other formats like PNGs.

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