Exporting Data from Pipeliner
How to export Pipeliner data to Excel or csv files
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As long as you have the rights to Export, you can export your Pipeliner CRM data for backup or other purposes. This may be done With Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities from the Main Menu for each type of record or from a Standard or Pivot table Report. 

NOTE: If you don't have the rights to export, you will need to speak to your Pipeliner Admin about changing your user role.

How to Export

For the purpose of demonstration, we’ll use the Accounts main menu — simply apply the same steps to whichever area you are working in — e.g Reports.

Go to the "Account" View, and select the "List" View ⤵

Make sure you’ve added all the columns you would like to export to your "List View" using the dropdown field selector ⤵

Next, select the individual account(s) you would like to export using the checkboxes — or select the checkbox in the top left corner to mark them all.  

NOTE: Remember that you can open up the Power Panel and create a filter so that you can export a custom list of records

Click on the "Export" button in the upper bar, and select what type of export you require — CSV/XLSX or VCF. In this case, we will export it as CSV/XLSX

Select either "Excel Workbook" or "Comma Separated Values" for your file format.
Click on the "Save" button ⤵

The exported file will be saved to your Downloads folder and, depending on your browser, visible in the "Downloads Bar" at the bottom of your window ⤵

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