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Using the Power Panel for Managing your Views

This article details the Power Panel and how to modify it in different areas of Pipeliner. It also explains how to create a profile view.

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This article will cover how to:

The Power Panel is a place in Pipeliner where you can modify the things you see in your current view. It is strongly recommended that you read this prerequisite article first.

How to Modify the Power Panel when in the Opportunities menu

From the Opportunities Menu, select which view you would like to see. In this example, we will select the "Pipeline View" ⤵

Next, select the "Power Panel" (double gears in the upper right of your screen)

The Power Panel is available in the Leads menu, Opportunity menu, the Account menu, the Contact menu, in the Navigator menu, in any Report, in the Insights menu, and also available in the Activities menu, in the Feeds and the Archive.

Within the "Power Panel" there can be up to four tabs.

NOTE: The number of Tabs available is dependant on the menu you are in ⤵

In the "View Tab" check the boxes of the things you wish to see in your current view. Static graphic of the Power Panel’s View Tab from the Pipeline View of Opportunities

In the "Role Tab" check the boxes of the things you want to see based on who owns them or the sales unit the are in.

NOTE: You will only be able to see things based on how your user role was set up by your Administrator. 

In the "Filter Tab" create a filter if you would like to further specify to see only certain things in your current view.  

Use the "Preset" button on the bottom of the Power Panel to filter only on those fields listed.

EXAMPLE: Filter to see only opportunities that are owned by a specific person ⤵

Use the "Custom" button when the field you want to filter on or the way you want to filter is not available in the Preset button. 

EXAMPLE: Filter to see all opportunities that expected to close between January 12 and February 1st, 2019 ⤵

Profile Views

There are two default Profile Views that you received when you first started using Pipeliner:

  1. The "My View" (Profile) — this profile view is prefiltered with only the things you are the owner or explicitly added as an editor.

  2. The "All View" (Profile) — this profile view is created to display all the things you are allowed to see.

When you have modified a Profile View, you can save your modifications to all of the Tabs (such as View, Role and/or Filter Tabs). By selecting the "Cog Wheel" icon in the upper right of the Power Panel which looks like a single gear. Use the "Save As" selection to Save this Newly created Profile View and naming it according to the filters you chose. 

EXAMPLE: Save As Opportunities closing date 1/12-2/1/2019 ⤵

In this way, the original Profile View is not modified and still remains intact as it was prior to you modifying any of the tabs in the Power Panel. If on the other hand, you would like to make modifications and then save your modifications within the same profile, and with the same profile name, select "Save" ⤵

Select a Pipeline you would like to see ⤵

Each Pipeline you select can also have specifically modified Power Panel Tabs, saved according to your requirements.

In the "Power Panel" select if this view is

  • Private — only you can see it

  • Public — all users of your Pipeliner 

  • Custom — select which Pipeliner users you would like to be able to see the same Profile as you.

NOTE: Any of the above will only be able to be seen if the user has the rights to see it based on their User Role in Pipeliner that is managed by your Administrator.

Select the "Target Tab" in the Power Panel to decide the information that you want the Target in the Opportunity menu and the Navigator menu to show. Select what the Target Type will be and the Target Calculation as well as the Target Period which is based on the closing date.

If you would like to see how close your team is to meet a specified goal, complete the Target goal ⤵

Once the Goal is set, you can see the percentage representing how close you are to meeting the target you set ⤵

Finally, choose whether to "Toggle Target Visibility". By default, this option will be turned on, meaning that the Target calculation will display over your Won Opportunities. If you Toggle Target Visibility off, the Target calculation will be hidden behind your Won Opportunities ⤵

To set the quotas or goals of individuals watch this video

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