How to Call with Desktop App on Mobile Devices

With this article you will learn how to initiate a call to your client from your Pipeliner cloud application and receive it on your mobile phone, to make contacting your customers more seamless and efficient.

How Calling over Desktop Works

To use this feature, please ensure that you have the Pipeliner CRM Mobile App downloaded from the store. You can download Pipeliner both in the iOS app store, or Google Play Store ⤵

NOTE: Ensure you install the application titled "Pipeliner CRM" and NOT the one titled "Pipeliner CRM Hybrid".

Once downloaded, make sure you are logged into your mobile application, using the same credentials you use to login into the cloud application.

Log on to your cloud application and select your "Profile Settings" ⤵

Enter your mobile phone number in the "Phone" field, scroll down, and click "Save".

NOTE: This phone number must match the number on the device you have installed the Pipeliner mobile on

Open any record with a phone number and click the "Phone" icon beside the field. You will have the option to "Call from mobile app" or "Copy Phone Number" to your computer’s clipboard ⤵

EXPERT TIP: You can use this feature almost everywhere throughout the Pipeliner CRM application, where you are able to access the phone number.

This will trigger a call on your mobile phone to the specified number ⤵

A notification will appear on your mobile device from Pipeliner CRM's app.
Click the notification to launch the call ⤵

NOTE: By using this feature, you are using your own calling service provider for calling your customers.

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