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In this article, we focus on understanding the relationships between account records and contact records by using Account Hierarchies and Contact Org Charts.

What is the Accounts Hierarchy?

An Accounts Hierarchy shows you accounts that are associated through a Parent Account in the Org Chart, giving you a global view of a company and its subsidiaries, for example. Below you will find a Pipeliner video that provides a great explanation of Accounts Hierarchy in Pipeliner ⤵

First, an administrator needs to set up the descriptions of the Account relationships that are important for your company to see and track.

How to Manage Accounts Hierarchy from Pipeliner CRM Admin

Accounts Hierarchies define the hierarchical relationship between the two accounts. They are managed and created from the Admin Module.

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu.

Click on "Common Lists".

The default Accounts Hierarchies that we added to get you started will show in the list. You can edit these by clicking on one to select and then updating the relationship in the panel on the right or add a new one by clicking on "Create New" ⤵

Define your new Accounts Hierarchy. Enter your Parent, for example, "Holding Company" and then the Child, for example, "Subsidiary" ⤵

Click “Create” — Your users will now be able to use the relationship in the Accounts area in the Pipeliner App.

How to Assign a Parent to an Account

In order to use newly created Accounts Hierarchy in Pipeliner, first log in to the App and then click on the "Accounts" menu. Open up an Account record.

On the Detail tab of the Account, you're looking for a field that is (by default) labelled Parent Account, click on "Click Here to Add" an existing record or "Create to add a new one" and search for the Account record that is the parent to the one that you have selected.

NOTE: If the Account doesn't exist, you can create it directly from here by clicking on the Create New Account option at the bottom of the list ⤵

Select the relationship between the Current Account and the Parent Account that you're adding e.g. Headquarter — Subsidiary.

"Save" and then click on the "Org Chart" tab. You'll see the relationship you just set up with the current Account highlighted in green so you can see where it fits in the chart.

NOTE: You can add a new Account to your chart from here by clicking on Add Account; select Fit View to fit the screen size and Zoom In or Out ⤵

How to move around and change the Account Hierarchy

You can move from Account to Account by double-clicking on each one.
If you move to the record at the top of the chart, you'll see the full hierarchy ⤵

You can work with your chart by clicking on a record and then using the panel on the right-hand side ⤵

Or by hovering over a card and clicking on the "Cog Gear" icon ⤵

NOTE: You can also add a new account to your chart by clicking on the "+".

Switching to the Contact Org Chart

Hover over an account and the Contact Org Chart symbol will fly out ⤵

Click on it to open up the Contact Org Chart for that specific Account ⤵

NOTE: You can add new contacts, move them around or remove them from the chart using the same options as before from the right-hand panel or by clicking on the gear icon ⤵

Jump back to where you started by using the "View Accounts Hierarchy" button.

What rights do I need in order to manage Account Hierarchies and Org Charts?

You need to have update rights to all the Accounts and Contacts that you want to include. This means you need to be Owner or have been added as an Editor. Alternatively, you may be based on a user role that gives you update rights.

NOTE: If you can't update, you'll need to speak to your Pipeliner Admin about your user role.

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