What’s a Unit?

This article details what a unit (or sales unit) is and how they can be used in your account for things like managing user security.

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…simply put, Units are a way of capturing your company structure — i.e. your internal org chart. Units (also called Sales Units) can represent sales territories, teams, even subsidiary companies within a group ⤵

🤔 What do Units do for me?

Unit is a required, system field on all types of record — Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, even Activities. This means Units work for you with practically no effort on your part! Building a list? Unit’s going to be one of the preset options to filter by.  

Creating a new report — yep, Unit will be there in the standard layout ⤵

Interested in Insights?  Use Units to breakdown KPIs by territory and compare performance ⤵

📌 But there’s more… Units also have another really important function — you can use them to manage user security. You don’t want your Direct Sales reps seeing the Indirect reps’ Opportunities? Assigning users to the right Units will manage that for you (see also User Roles!)

🔑 Terminology

🙅‍♂️ Not for me, what do I do?

That’s OK, if you have a small team and don’t need a hierarchy/Units structure, just rename the default parent unit to your company name and move on! ⤵

👍 Yes! I need Units, where do I set them up?

Great, go to the Admin module and click on Users, Units and Roles and then the Units tab. Click on the "PL University" button in the top right or the "Chat" button in the bottom left if you need more help ⤵

NOTE: Units are available only in Business & Enterprise Tiers.

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