Learn how adding your Products is useful within the Opportunities section of the tool. Also learn key terminology within Products.

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⁉️ How can I use Products?

Adding your Products means you can immediately use them when managing Opportunities ⤵

In addition to standard reports on total Opportunity Value, you can also include what Products have been added to an Opportunity, the total value of them and the deviance from List Prices (if you’ve added them)

As well as totals for each product.  This example is by pipeline ⤵

🔑 Key Terminology

🏷️ Product Name

Self explanatory! Keep them unique for ease of searching and reporting.

💯Product Unit

Unit the product is most commonly sold in.

#️⃣ SKU Number

Unique number or product code.

📂 Product Category

The Category, or family, the Product belongs in.

✍️ Product Description

Static background detail about the Product to help your users.

🎯 Product Pipelines

Choose which pipeline(s) the product should be available for selection.

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