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This article covers how to add an exchange rate list and how to keep currency rates up to date.

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🙋‍♂️How do I add an Exchange Rate List?

You first need to create an "Exchange Rate List".  Your currencies will be available for use from the date in the Exchange Rate List and at the exchange rate that you enter.

NOTE: The currency list is long as it contains a worldwide list! Search by the three-letter currency abbreviation to jump straight to your required currency.

NOTE: When adding an additional currency, the rate that you enter is 1 of your base currency = x of your additional currency. For example, you would enter 0.77 if $1 USD=£0.77 GBP ⤵

🙋‍♂️ How do I keep them updated?

Most companies work off published exchange rates — your Accounts Team will usually tell you what rate to use and for how long! To keep rates up to date, add a new Exchange Rate List beginning from the date the new rate applies and then update the rates to use for all your currencies.

NOTE: You can add Exchange Rates into the future and the rate will only be valid from the start date.

NOTE: Making sure to add new Exchange Rates is important to make sure that past Opportunities (for example) stay at the rate that was valid when they were closed ⤵

NOTE: Exchange Rates are available only in Business and Enterprise Tiers.

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