Accounts Hierarchy

Learn how to view the relationship between Accounts in the account hierarchy and how the hierarchies can be used.

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🏢 Examples of Accounts Hierarchies

Simply a way of linking Accounts (Companies) together and then being able to see how they are related.

This is a very common example which shows also a couple of different types of widely used Account Hierarchies:

🙋‍♀️ How could I use them?

You can change the default relationships to match your own terminology and add as many new ones as you need.  

Don’t get stuck with any preconceptions about how to use them — we’ve had customers relate Accounts as Charity and then Donor Organisations, for example, or Developer — Specifier and Developer — Architect to reflect the ‘favoured’ relationships between groups of company bidding on large property projects.

NOTE: Accounts Hierarchies are available only in Enterprise Tier.

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