How to connect your Google Tasks to Pipeliner

Click on the "Avatar (Photo)" icon on the upper right corner & then click “Settings”:

Click “Activate” beside Google Tasks under Google Integrations:

A window will pop-up giving you visibility of all the Google Accounts you are logged into. Please select the account you wish to integrate with Pipeliner.

NOTE: If you do not receive a pop-up, please enable pop-ups on your internet browser.

Click “Allow” on the following page:

Select Folder you want to synchronize

Existing Folder

Select one of your existing Task folders from the dropdown. This folder will be used for syncing tasks to and from Pipeliner.

Create a new tasks folder

A new Tasks folder will be added to Google and only tasks added to this “Pipeliner” folder will be synced to and from Pipeliner.

Once you’ve selected the right folder for you, click on "Finish".

Verify that your email has been connected. The word “Activated” will appear near to the email address you have connected beside Google Tasks:

NOTE: the usage examples below assume that you’ve selected a new Tasks folder to be created but the same principles apply if you have selected an existing folder instead

How to sync tasks to Pipeliner

Now that your Google Tasks activated a new Pipeliner Tasks folder will be created in your Google account, tasks where you are the owner and editor of will sync over from Pipeliner to your Google account.  Ensure you are in the correct folder before adding any tasks. Any tasks added to another folder will not sync over to Pipeliner:

Follow the example below to understand how to sync tasks to Pipeliner.

Go to the Pipeliner Google Tasks and create a new Task. Fill out the Title, Add Details and Date:

Once added, go back to Pipeliner and type the name of your task in the search bar:

Open the Task and verify Subject, Description and Due Date:

Add a new task from Pipeliner and fill in Subject, Description and Due Date:

Open tasks in Google and verify that the task exists with the correct details in the Pipeliner Tasks:

Field Mappings

The tables below will illustrate how fields map over from Pipeliner to Google:

NOTE: Additional fields, such as, linked item from Pipeliner and Priority, as well as any custom fields, will not sync over.

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