Installation of the Pipeliner CRM Chrome Extension

Open your browser and login to your Google account. Click the ''Tools" icon' of your Google account as seen on the screenshot below and select “Docs”:

Click on the "Add-ons" and from the dropdown menu select the option "Get Add-Ons":

Search for "Pipeliner" within the the Add-Ons list and once the search results show you the list of Pipeliner CRM Add-Ons click on the "+ Free" to install it under your Google Account into your Google Sheets:

Choose the Account you want to install the Pipeliner Add-On onto:

Click “Allow”:

The add-on will be installed and will appear under the “Add-Ins” menu:

Creating a Document Template 

In the example below, we will focus on creating a new document template using Google Docs. Google Sheets functions in a similar way:

From your Google Doc — Click "Add Ons" › "Pipeliner CRM Templates" › "Start":

After the side menu pops up, type in the same email and password you use to login to your Pipeliner account and click “Sign In”.

After successful login, you will be able to click fields to bring in from your Pipeliner to your Template as seen below:

When you are finished adding fields to your document template, click “Finish”:

Merging a Document to a Record

After you create document templates with the Pipeliner CRM fields placeholders, your users can easily use this document to populate it with the data from, for example, a contact in Pipeliner CRM such as email address, phone number, street address or any other field that you use in Pipeliner CRM. This applies to all main Pipeliner CRM record types; Leads, Contacts, Opportunities and Accounts.

Click “Start Using Template”:

Select “Contact(as an example):

Search for the contact you want to merge with the template:

Select the contact & Press “Next”:

Title the document using the text box on the top of the document:

Click “Fill Template”:

It may take a few seconds for your document merge to process. Once completed, you will have some options. For our example, we will choose “Open Document”:

Please verify fields are filled correctly:

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