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Learn how to view the networked relationships between Accounts in the Relation graph.

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The business world is increasingly complex and it’s more important than ever to keep track of the inter-relationships between the companies you do (or want to do) business with. This is where the Relation Graph comes in — it’s a simple and easy way to visualize and map the complex network of relationships between Accounts (companies).

🙋‍♀️ How could I use Accounts Relations?

You can add new relationships here in the "Accounts Relations" tab and enable your users to then map out those important relationships within the Web App.

The Buying Center in Pipeliner already allows you to visualise “Who’s Who” for individual Opportunities. The Accounts Relation Graph now adds a new dimension which can be used by Account Managers and Customer Success Managers as well as by Sales teams. 

Which companies do you know that work together as an “Agent” in new geographies or as a “Partner” for deals? Does Account X always choose Account Y as a “Preferred Supplier”? Which of your own customers are happy to act as a “Door Opener” for you? You could create and track all these relationships.

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