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Bulk Operations — Mass Actions for Leads and Opportunities
Bulk Operations — Mass Actions for Leads and Opportunities

Uncover how to mass update Leads and Opportunities by changing them in bulk.

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There are a variety of Bulk Operations that allow you to mass update Leads and Opportunities to help you organize these entities. For example, you may have numerous inactive Opportunities from last year you do not need anymore. It is easy to select all the records you would like to archive. Or, you may have numerous Leads that all need to be qualified. All it takes is a couple of minutes and all your records can be moved in no time as, instead of clicking through one-by-one, you can mass update them.

The following bulk operations are possible:

  • Lead Qualification

  • Archiving Leads

  • Reactivating Leads

  • Moving Opportunities

  • Archiving Opportunities

  • Reactivating Opportunities

Performing a Mass Action

In order to update any records all at once, you must first take note of some best practices and requirements. To perform a bulk operation you should start in the List View so you can select the correct records you wish to change ⤵

Once in the List view, the easiest way to mass update records is to select the checkbox at the top so you can check all records. But, sometimes you will need to only check certain records. If you wish to narrow down the list for easier selecting, please familiarize yourself with Understanding the Power Panel. The power panel will allow you to filter for certain records. For instance, maybe you want to only view Opportunities from last year. The more you can narrow your list, the easier it will be to choose records to update. 

Updating Leads in Bulk

You can qualify, archive, or reactivate Leads. To qualify Leads in mass, click the "Qualify" button in the top toolbar after identifying the records to change ⤵

Then, select the appropriate Pipeline and Opportunity step you wish to qualify the corresponding Leads ⤵

Once you click "Save", you will need to fill in the required fields in order to qualify the Leads. You can click through and choose a different Opportunity Value, Closing Date, or add Accounts that are specific to each record. Once you are done reviewing all records, click "Qualify" and they will now be turned into Opportunities ⤵

If you choose to mass "Archive" your Leads, you will not need to choose a reason. So, make sure you choose the correct selections before clicking the button ⤵

If you do archive Leads, you can reactivate them from the Archive. Open up the "Leads" panel and use CTRL-click to select the Leads and then click on the "Reactivate" button from the toolbar ⤵

Bulk Actions for Opportunities

You can move, win, archive, or reactivate Opportunities using the same process. After selecting the records you wish to change in the List view from the Opportunities menu or from the Archive menu, select the action you wish to perform in the toolbar. 

I can change Opportunities in mass, by selecting the "Move" option ⤵

If you select Opportunities that are from different steps, you will be required to select only one outgoing sales step to move Opportunities from. Then, you can select the step you wish to move them into ⤵

If there are required sales actions, you must input these for all records to successfully move the Opportunities ⤵

If you choose to Archive Opportunities in mass, you will need to choose a reason for each record ⤵

And finally, if you need to Reactivate any Opportunities from the "Archive" menu, you must choose a new closing date for the selected Opportunities ⤵

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