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Automatizer — Process Templates
Automatizer — Process Templates

How to find and use our Automatizer Process Templates

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This article will cover the following topics:

We’ve taken some of the Automatizer processes we use ourselves every day as well as scenarios that customers ask about and have turned them into an incredibly useful set of Automatizer process templates. These are going to be invaluable to help you get started with using Automatizer as you can review the templates and choose those where the business case works for you ⤵

PREREQUISITES: Automatizer is a paid-for add-on to Pipeliner. Please contact your Account Manager directly to discuss how it can streamline your business or email and we will ask your Account Manager to contact you.

Please make sure to read this article — and watch the videos — to learn more about the features of Automatizer in detail. This article is not a detailed description of each feature.

Automatizer is our “Point & Click” automation tool designed to help you easily and graphically build your organisation’s processes into Pipeliner. Automatizer allows you to streamline your workflows and empower your teams working with Pipeliner by automating repetitive tasks and communications.

Every process consists of triggers, if/then conditions and can include multiple actions.

​Accessing the Process Templates

Click on the Tools menu and then Automatizer ⤵

Next, select the "Templates" tab to see "All Templates" or choose from one of the Categories to see all the associated templates ⤵

Template Categories

We’ve created Categories for Templates so you can easily find examples of the sort of template you’re looking for ⤵

  • All — all templates

  • Recommended — key templates for managing sales and account management that we think everyone should look at!

  • Create Record — templates that include creating new records - primarily follow up Tasks - for users based on different triggers and conditions.

  • Send Email — templates that illustrate sending emails to Contacts and to Pipeliner users.

  • Archive Record — this template shows how to archive Opportunities matching conditions that pick out those that have not been updated for a long time and where the closing date is in the past.

  • Manual — useful examples of Manual processes which users choose when to attach to their records.

  • Record Change — templates based on record updates.

  • Scheduled — examples of processes that are triggered on a regular schedule to check records and schedule follow-ups.

How to use a template

Choose the "Template" you want to use in your live space and click to select it ⤵

You can update the Process name, change the Process Owner (this is important as any notifications that are sent about the process — e.g. errors — are sent to the Process Owner) and you can also set it as a Personal Process (only available to the Owner) or a Space Process which you can make available to all, or selected, users.

Click on “Create” to create the process for your space ⤵

The "Process Editor" will then open for your new process ⤵

You can modify the Trigger, Conditions or Actions so they work exactly as you need for your business ⤵

If you make changes, click on “Save” to apply and then “Publish” or simply Publish “as is” ⤵

You’ll be prompted to “Publish & Activate”, “Publish” and “Run Test” just like you are for any other process ⤵

For more information on Publishing and running tests as working with Triggers, Conditions and Actions please review this article which includes 2 helpful videos.

NOTE: Use the Process Manager and notifications to keep track of your processes. This is detailed in this article.

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