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Customising the Record Preview
Customising the Record Preview

You can choose the fields to display in the Record Preview, sidebar and tooltip as well as the content included in the Overview

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The article will cover the following topics:

It is now possible to change both the fields that display in the Preview panel of a record and to customise the content of the Overview — in the form of Lists or Charts — that display below the fields. You’ll see the Preview in the middle panel of the Compact View, in the sidebar panel when selecting a record from a "List View" or when hovering over a record (Quickview/Tooltip)

Configuring the Interface Tab in Fields & Forms

NOTE: You need to be a Pipeliner Admin to have access to the Admin Module to set up the Interface tab. If you’re not an Admin user, skip to “Using Pin to Top to customise your own view” further down in this article.

Use the App Switcher to access the Administration module and then click on Fields & Forms. Select the record that you want to work with from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities or Activities. You’ll then see the Interface tab ⤵

Updating Fields shown in the Record Preview

We'll use Accounts as our example. Click on “Account Preview” under the "Interface" tab and then “Edit Fields” ⤵

You can choose a maximum of 12 fields to include in the new "Interface" Tab in Fields & Forms. These 12 fields can include both system and user-defined fields.

NOTE: You must start from the top left field and complete each row before moving onto the next row. If you have selected all 12 fields and then drag a new field on the top of a current selection, the existing field will be removed and will be replaced with your new selection.

Click on "Save" and then "Publish" your changes ⤵

Users will then see — and in most cases be able to inline edit — those 12 fields in the Preview Panel

or Sidebar panel ⤵

In QuickViews (Tooltips), the top 6 selected fields (illustrated by the grey border) will display ⤵

Choosing what to include in the Overview

You can also choose what additional lists and/or charts to display below the fields in the Preview pane.

Click on “Edit Overview” from the Interface tab in the Admin Module ⤵

Select an existing List or Chart to update or click on “Add Chart” to create a new one ⤵

You can change the “Chart type”. As well as “List”, the available chart types are the same as when adding charts to reports and dashboards ⤵

In a List, you can change the “Sort by” field... ⤵

...and click on the “Filter” tab to change the criteria that determine what data displays in your list ⤵

From the toolbar, select “Properties” to change the name of the list or chart and to add a description, “Copy” to create a copy or “Remove” to remove completely ⤵

Hover over the top of a list/chart to move it up or down ⤵

Working with Opportunities and Activities

When working with the Preview fields and Overview content for Opportunities, you can select different fields and content for each pipeline that you have set up ⤵

For Activities — both "Tasks" and "Appointments" — you can choose different fields and overview content for each Activity Type

Using “Pin to Top” to customise your own view

Individual users can also choose to “Pin to Top” just their own preferred fields from those selected by the Admin and also their preference for the Lists and Charts in the Overview section ⤵

Your pinned fields will be indicated with the pin icon beside them ⤵

You can close the full view and only see your selected fields ⤵

Pin your preferred Charts/Lists in the same way ⤵

Inline Editing

You can directly update, or “inline edit” most of the records in the Preview panel. If you hover over a field and the pencil symbol appears, you can edit the field directly without opening the record ⤵

Dynamic fields

Many fields are “Dynamic” allowing you to click to access links — for example, the Social Media links or the website — or send an email or make a phone call using the Mobile App or Calling feature ⤵

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