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Using Tags in Pipeliner
Using Tags in Pipeliner

Use Tags to flag, or categorise, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts or Contacts for easy searching and filtering

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Tags are an incredibly useful way to flag - or categorise - "Accounts", "Contacts", "Leads" or "Opportunities" in Pipeliner. Users can select multiple Tags per record as needed and - if their user role allows - can create new Tags “on the fly” from inside the web app. Tags can be color-coded when they’re created. Clicking on a Tag from one record dynamically drills down into a list view of all other records with the same tag and the data can be actioned directly from the list! ⤵

Admins can set up separate Tags for each type of record in the Admin Module and can allow (or prevent) users from also adding Tags “on the fly” from inside the web app by enabling or disabling the option at the User Role level. ⤵

Tags can be imported - for example, if you’re importing Accounts, you can map one of the columns from your CSV file to the "Account Tags" field. Tags can also be updated using “Bulk Update” for users with rights to update batches of records. They can be used in "Filters" and "Reports" as well as in Automatizer processes.

For existing customers who had previously used the “Labels” option for Opportunities and/or Leads - the previous system labels have been migrated to Tags. If you’ve previously set up any Filters using the Labels field, these will still work though we would advise changing your Filter criteria to Tags instead. The values previously used for Labels will be in your list of Tags when you first access it. You can keep the names “as is” or even edit to a new name if you’ve always wanted to rename “Focus” to something different for your business, for example!

Viewing and Adding Tags to Records

We offer multi-view support for Tags - you can pretty much use them from anywhere you can see them. These examples show Opportunities/Leads but, except for the Pipeline View, the same views apply for other types of record such as Accounts.

When creating a new record

Tags can be added to a brand new record before clicking on “Create” or “Create & Open

The Detail Tab of a record

Open up any record to see Tags in the right hand panel ⤵

Click into the Tags area to add more or remove existing Tags ⤵

The Pipeline View

You can choose to enable visualisation of Tags on the Opportunity card from the View tab of the Power Panel. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the color code for each applied Tag on the card in the Pipeline View. ⤵

Hovering over an "Opportunity" card opens up the "Quick View" extract showing the existing tags at the top ⤵

You can add - or remove - Tags directly using inline editing by clicking into the Tags area ⤵

The Compact View

Tags display in the middle pane when using the "Compact View" and can also be applied by clicking into the Tags area and selecting the appropriate Tag(s) to add or remove ⤵

The List View

Add the appropriate Tags field into your selected columns depending on which menu area you are in. This is the Opportunity List View so we’ve added “Opportunity Tags”. Add to, or remove from, the existing Tags by clicking on the pencil symbol to inline edit ⤵

Creating a new Tag from inside the web app

If your User Role allows you to create new Tags, you can add them “on the fly”. Clicking into the Tags area (from whichever view you are using) will show the current Tags to choose from. ⤵

If you start to type and there are no matching Tags, the option will change to “Create ..” ⤵

Clicking on the “Create” option lets you finish typing the new Tag name, select a color and then click “Create” to add the new Tag to the options ⤵

NOTE: if you are not able to create a new Tag, this will be because your Pipeliner Admins have removed that option from your User Role.

Drill down using Tags

From anywhere you can see Tags, you can click on a specific Tag ⤵

A "List View" of all other records with the same Tag applied will open up. You can click in the top left box to select all records (or select some individually by checking them) and the menu options will then let you "Bulk Update" the selected records or Create a "Mass Email" or add an "Automatizer" process ⤵

NOTE: remember to customise your List Views by adding useful columns.

Setting up Tags for Pipeliner Admins

From the "App Switcher" in the top left, select “Administration” to get into the "Admin Module" and then choose "Fields & Forms". Choose the type of record you want to work with - e.g. Accounts - and then click on the Tags tab ⤵

Click on “Create New” to add a new tag, type in the name, select a colour and then click on “Create” to add the Tag ⤵

Click on an existing Tag and use the right hand panel to change it or click on the “Delete” button to remove it ⤵

You’ll need to add Tags separately for each type of record - Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

Allowing (or preventing) Users from Creating Tags

From the "Admin Module", click on "Units", "Users & Roles" and then the "Roles" tab ⤵

Select the "User Role" you want to update and then choose “Edit Role” from the right hand panel ⤵

To prevent all users based on that role from being able to add Tags “on-the-fly” from the web app, untick the “Allow user to create tag” checkbox. You’ll need to do this for each type of record - Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities. ⤵

NOTE: the option to create Tags is enabled by default so you will need to update User Roles if you don’t want your users to be able to do this.

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