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Automatizer — Triggering a process from another process
Automatizer — Triggering a process from another process

Learn how to trigger a follow on Automatizer process from within an existing process

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Pipeliner has now made it even easier to leverage the power of Automatizer by triggering processes from within other Automatizer processes. No longer is there the need to create a single, complex process, but rather users can now enjoy creating more scaled-down processes and then chain them together into a unified workflow. This makes the creation, management, and troubleshooting of complex Automatizer processes much easier ⤵

Connecting Processes In Automatizer

Automatizer processes can optionally trigger another process to run if an "Action" step is set to one of the following:

  • Create Record

  • Create Related Record

  • Update Record

  • Update Related Record

  • Trigger Another Process

NOTE: When using either of the "Create" or "Update" actions, the secondary process that is being triggered must be related to the type of record that is selected from the “Record Type” dropdown list. For example, when creating or updating a "Contact" record within an Automatizer process, the secondary process must also be triggered to run on "Contacts"

NOTE: The same rule applies when using the “Trigger Another Process” action. The secondary process that is being triggered must be related to the record(s) selected from the “Trigger Process with Record(s)” dropdown list. For example, if “Triggered Record Related Contact (Primary)” is selected, only Contact-related processes will be displayed

Process Selection Limitations

Users will have certain limitations with respect to which secondary processes can be selected. The available options will be cumulatively limited to the following:

  • Processes that have not been previously deleted

  • Processes wired for the same entity type (Contact, Account, etc.)

  • Processes that are run "Manually" or upon a "Record Change" trigger

  • Processes that are accessible based upon the type of process: Space processes can only access other Space processes and users will only be able to access their own Personal processes; not the Personal processes of other users. Users can, however, click another user’s Personal process from the list of Automatizer processes, "Create a copy", and then make the copied process one of their own.

NOTE: Users will be alerted in the event that they select a secondary process that might create an infinite loop, such as if "Process #1" triggers "Process #2", which in turn re-triggers "Process #1".

Triggering Processes Notifications & Logging

Logging events within Automatizer is automatic and can be viewed by clicking the related "Activity Log" tab ⤵

In addition, when Automatizer notifications are enabled by the owner of the process, the owner will receive a notification if one of the following events occurs:

  • A process is deleted or deactivated while still connected to another process. This type of event will also be seen in the Activity log as a “warning”.

  • A process might create an infinite loop. The process is stopped and an “error” will be seen in the "Activity Log". This might typically happen if a user edits an existing process and ignores the warning of a potential infinite loop, or if a "Condition" set within the process might create an infinite loop.

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