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Using Lead Action Fields for Lead Management
Using Lead Action Fields for Lead Management
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Lead Action fields allow you to ensure that the right questions have been asked and answered before your team can move Leads onwards through your Lead process towards Qualification. Pipeliner Admins can add fields to the relevant step in your Lead process, making them required so that a Lead cannot be moved into that step without the field being completed. This can help ensure that your Business Development team is capturing the right information at the right time so that when the Lead is Qualified, all the correct information is passed onwards to the Sales team ⤵

Once you’ve added Lead Action fields, the section that the fields are placed in on the Lead Form will appear once the Lead reaches that step in the process. If those fields are not already completed, when the Lead is moved, a pop up dialog box will appear which requires your users to complete those specific Lead Action fields that have not yet been filled in. The user will not be able to move that Lead to the next step until the required Lead Action fields are completed!

How to set up Lead Action Fields (for Admins)

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner and choose "Administration" ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu

Select the "Fields and Forms" Menu and then, from the top of the page, select the "Leads" Tab ⤵

NOTE: If you have multiple Lead Processes, there will be a different Lead Form available for each process.

From the Forms tab, first select the process you want to work with and then select the "Edit Form" button from the right hand panel ⤵

Adding the Lead Actions section to the Lead Form

In the upper right next to "Lead Actions", click on the red box with an “x” ⤵

it will turn green with a check mark and, if you scroll down the Form, you’ll now see the Lead Actions section, ready for you to add fields ⤵

Create a field to be used inside the Sales Actions just as you would any other field. The only difference is that, this time, click and drag it into the web element inside the form in the Lead Actions section.

Drag and drop fields from the right hand panel into the Lead Actions section, placing the field into the appropriate Lead Step ⤵

Setting Lead Action fields as required

Next complete the Field Settings for the field on this Lead Form. Set the field as required in order to make it mandatory for users to complete the field when moving a Lead into the step ⤵

NOTE: If you make this field required then the field must be completed when first entering into that step. In the example below, this means when a user moves a Lead into step 3, "Interest Confirmed", the field will immediately be required and, until they fill it in, the Lead will not be able to be saved into Step 3.

You can choose from:

  • Required from this step on Lead Process - this means that the field needs to be filled in to allow Leads to move into this step AND if there are any Leads further along in the process already, this field will also need to be filled in retrospectively the next time that Lead is moved into a further step or when edited.

  • Required only within this step on Lead Process - this means that the field only needs to be filled in to allow Leads to move into this step

Click on "Save" to apply your selections. Continue to add any further fields and save and then click on "Save" again to save the changes to your Lead Form ⤵

Click "Publish" to apply your Lead Form changes ⤵

Completing Lead Action fields in the web app (for users)

Swap back into the App and try moving a Lead to see what your users will now see as they work with their Leads.

As a Lead is dragged and dropped into the next Lead step, the Lead Action fields that you have set as required will be displayed in a pop up.

If you make Lead Action fields required, the Lead will not move until they have all been filled in ⤵

Once you’ve moved your Lead, you’ll see the Lead Action fields at the bottom of the Form. You may also see additional fields that are relevant to the current Lead step but which have not been made required in order to move a Lead into that specific step ⤵

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