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Highlighting Recent Changes using the List View
Highlighting Recent Changes using the List View

Using the customisable List View you can highlight changes made to selected fields within a date period

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The List View is the best way to easily see what fields are, or are not, filled in for a group of records as well as to track recent changes and updates using the Highlight Changes feature.

You can access the List View in Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Activities and the Archive as well in previews, by drilling down from Charts in Reports or from Forecasts and from Linked record tabs (e.g. the Opportunities tab within an open Account record).

Inline Editing allows you to make changes directly without needing to open the record. Each individual user can customise the columns in all of their own List Views and save those changes to their Profiles. List Views work like a spreadsheet and let you sort by clicking on column headers.

Accessing List Views

Click on the "Views" dropdown and select “List View” ⤵

Enabling Highlight Changes

First make sure that you’ve included all fields that you want to track changes for in your List View ⤵

NOTE: for more details on customising List Views and saving those changes, click here

Next enable “Highlight Changes” by switching on the toggle ⤵

Now choose the date “Period”. This is the length of time the system should look into the past to find changes. Select from one of the preset ranges or click on “Custom” to enter a specific number of days to use ⤵

Choose whether you want to highlight changes in every field in your List View or select specific fields to track just the most important changes that you’re interested in ⤵

NOTE: the vast majority of Pipeliner fields, but not every single one, is available for highlighting changes. Some system fields that are not included in the audit - visible from the View Changes button - are also not available when highlighting changes.

You can also filter so that you only see records with changes made to your selected fields within your date period by ticking “Show only records with highlighted changes” ⤵

The highlighted changes display as follows:

  • If your chosen field holds numeric or currency values

    • If there is a "positive" change to a higher value, the cell is highlighted green with an upward arrow

    • If there is a "negative" change to a lower value, the cell is highlighted red with a downward arrow

    • Changes from or to an Empty value are blue without an arrow

  • If your selected field holds a date value

    • If the date is moved back so it’s sooner than it was/brought forward, the cell is highlighted green with a left pointing arrow

    • If the date is moved so it’s later than it was/pushed back, the cell is highlighted red and there is a right pointing arrow

    • Changes from or to an Empty value are blue without an arrow

  • Other fields

    • Changed cells are highlighted blue

Hover over a highlighted field to see a tooltip which shows you the name of the field, its previous and new values and who made the change and when ⤵

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