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How to integrate Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Tasks (To Do) with Pipeliner CRM

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This article will illustrate how to connect your Microsoft Outlook Tasks (To Do) with Pipeliner CRM. Once connected, all of the tasks from Pipeliner for which you are an Owner or Editor will be visible on your Outlook (To Do) Task List.

All tasks you add in Microsoft Outlook (To Do) will appear in Pipeliner in the Activities tab. This article will also explain how the syncing mechanism works from your Microsoft Outlook Tasks (To-Do) account to Pipeliner and give you an understanding of which tasks will appear in Pipeliner and where the tasks will be located.

NOTE: Only Tasks in Pipeliner or Tasks in O365 To Do that you create after you enable the integration will be synced.

How to connect Microsoft Outlook Tasks (To Do) to Pipeliner.

First, click your "Avatar (Photo)" icon in the upper-right corner of Pipeliner and then click “Settings” ⤵

Click the “Apps” tab and then click “Activate” at the right-hand side for Outlook Tasks (To Do)

A window will popup to enter your email address. After doing so, follow the prompts to input your password and give permission to connect and share data.

Next, select the Folder you want to synchronize

"Existing Folder" — Select one of your existing Tasks folders from the dropdown to sync tasks to and from that folder.

NOTE: you will only be able to connect to one of your personal folders. For example, you will not be able to use a global, shared folder.

"Create a new tasks folder" — This option will add a new Tasks folder to Outlook Tasks (To Do) and only Tasks added to this “Pipeliner” folder will be synced to and from Pipeliner.

Once you’ve selected the right folder for you, click the"Activate" button.

To verify that your email has been connected, the word “Deactivate” will appear to the right of the email address that you connected. You can click that button at any time to de-sync your Tasks. At any time, you can also opt to sync to a different by clicking the “Configure” button next to the “Deactivate” button ⤵

How to sync Tasks to Pipeliner

NOTE: The usage example below assumes that you have selected “Create a new tasks folder” in your folder options, but the same principles apply if you have selected an existing folder.

Now that your Outlook Tasks (To Do) integration is activated, a new Tasks folder will be created in your Microsoft Outlook account. Tasks that you are the Owner of or have been explicitly added as an Editor to will sync from Pipeliner to your Microsoft account.

NOTE: From the point at which you activate the integration, only newly created Tasks in Pipeliner or newly created tasks in To Do since that time will be synced.

Follow the example below to understand how to sync tasks to Pipeliner:

Open Microsoft Outlook and create a New Task in the Pipeliner Tasks folder. Please ensure you are in the correct “Pipeliner” folder in Outlook prior to adding any tasks. Tasks added into another folder will not sync into Pipeliner ⤵

Click the field with the placeholder “Add a Task”, input the title of your Task and set a due date. ⤵

Click the “Add” button at the bottom-right of the new Task to add it, or simply hit the enter key on your keyboard.

Once added, navigate back to Pipeliner and type the name of your task in the global search bar, or go to your Activities tab.

Open the Task and verify the Subject and Due Date

To add a new task from Pipeliner, click the “Create New” button at the top-left of your Activities screen and fill in (at minimum) the Subject and Due Date.

When finished, click the “Create” button at the bottom-right of the screen ⤵

Next, open the “Pipeliner” Tasks/To Do folder in Outlook and verify that the Task exists with the correct details

Field Mappings

Only the Subject, Description, Due Date, Priority and Status will map from Pipeliner to Microsoft, and vice versa. Additional fields, such as Linked item from Pipeliner and any Custom Fields will NOT sync.

NOTE: Outlook does not support different types of Task so if you have created custom Activity Types in the Tasks area of Pipeliner, syncing these is not supported in Outlook.

Task/To Do Status

  • From Pipeliner → O365 To Do: when the Status in Pipeliner is changed from [Not started, Deferred, Waiting, In progress] to [Not started, Deferred, Waiting, In progress], the status will be not updated in To Do

  • To Do → Pipeliner: when the status is changed from Completed to Not completed, the Status in Pipeliner will be updated to Not started, otherwise, the Status in Pipeliner will be Completed


If you delete a Task in Pipeliner OR a Task in To Do in O365, the Delete action will be synchronized in both directions.

For Admins Only: enabling the Office 365 Tasks Integration in the Automation Hub

This integration will typically be turned on by default but if not, an Admin user will need to enable it before users can activate it.

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the upper, left-hand corner ⤵

NOTE: Only Administrators will be able to access the Administration menu.

In the Admin Module, click on the “Automation Hub” tab and verify that "Office 365 Tasks" is running in the "My Apps" section. If not, find it in the "Most Popular" section and click on "Add for Free" to activate it ⤵

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