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Using Speech to Text and the AI Assistant when working in Pipeliner
Using Speech to Text and the AI Assistant when working in Pipeliner

Using Speech to Text, write emails, notes or update any rich text-enabled field simply by speaking & then use AI to summarise or improve.

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Our latest productivity enhancement allows you to use Speech to Text to compose emails, write activity and meeting notes and add information to all rich text fields in Pipeliner. No more typing in visit reports or notes on conversations, simply use Speech to Text to add the information for you!

Each user is limited to 100 minutes per day and will be alerted when they are reaching that threshold. We’re using the Amazon Transcribe service to allow us to stream the user’s voice and display the recognized text in real-time

Once the text is entered, use our AI Assistant to summarise, rephrase, shorten/lengthen or correct grammar ⤵

How to use Speech to Text

This feature is enabled for all customers by default so you just need to select your default device and preferred language to get started.

Click into any rich text field in Pipeliner and then click on the microphone that will display on the editing menu at the bottom of the field ⤵

Preferred Language

Click on the microphone and then on the displayed language name to choose from supported languages. Select your preferred language ⤵

NOTE: we support all languages supported by Amazon Transcribe. This link has more details

Input Device

Click on the Input Settings button to select your preferred device. Your machine's default device will be pre-selected ⤵

You can change this to another supported device by selecting from the list of available devices ⤵

Recording your input

When you're ready, click the Record symbol and start speaking. To end your input, click again on the Record symbol. Edit your notes if necessary (no transcription is perfect!) and then click Save

How to use the AI Assistant

Once you've entered the text (either by typing or using speech-to-text), select it and then click on the AI Assistant icon ⤵

New AI functions include:

  • Summarize into Bullet Points - the AI Assistant will process the selected text and the result will be summarized into bullet points

  • Summarize into Paragraph - the AI Assistant will process the selected text and the result will be summarized into one paragraph

  • Text correction - the AI Assistant will process the selected text and correct grammar. This can be really useful when you've used the speech-to-text feature and the output text does not read very well.

Additionally you can use features that are already available when working with AI in Emails in Pipeliner:

  • Rephrase - will tell the AI to freely rephrase the selected text, keeping the current tone

  • Make Shorter - AI will try to create shorter text

  • Make Longer - AI will try to create longer text

Once the AI Assistant has generated the content for you, you have some different options. You can “Copy to clipboard” so you can paste it into the email or into another app such as Word or Notepad ⤵

If you want the AI Assistant to have another go at generating text, click on "Get Alternative Result" ⤵

Once you’re happy with the content you can add it to your text field. Choose from:

Add & Append below” to add the content to your field below any existing text.

Add & Replace” to overwrite any existing text already in the field ⤵

Where can I use Speech to Text and the AI Assistant?

Activity (Meeting and Task) Notes

As long as your Admins have enabled the default "Description" field in Activities to support rich text, you'll be able to dictate your meeting notes (for call or visit reports, for example) and your notes from all conversations directly to the Activity ⤵

Writing Emails

Click on Create Email to start a standard email and then click on the microphone and record your email content directly. If it's not exactly right, remember you can use our AI Email Assistant to finish it off perfectly for you! ⤵

NOTE: Speech to Text also works in Email Templates, Mass Emails, Automatizer Emails and Email Sequence Emails.

Long Text Fields

If your Admins have enabled rich text for Long Text fields - e.g. Comments on Accounts/Contacts or Description on Opportunities/Leads - you'll be able to add information using Speech to Text ⤵


If you use the Notes tab, you can Create a new Note and then transcribe your Notes directly ⤵


I'm in a Pipeliner trial but don't see the Speech to Text option, why not?

Please note that our Speech to Text feature is not available in Pipeliner trials but you can look forward to using it when you become a customer.

I don't see the AI option when using a long text field, why is that?

AI in long text fields is part of our AI Assistant feature which needs to be enabled in the Pipeliner Admin Module > Automation Hub before it can be used in both long text fields and in emails in Pipeliner.

What data can the AI access? What security considerations do I need to be aware of?

The AI has NO direct access to any of your data in Pipeliner and works only on demand (request -> response) and when the AI assistant module is enabled. It's not scanning any data in the background when you're not using it. The only information sent is the text you have selected.

What AI model is used for this feature?

We’re using OpenAI’s model - chatgpt-turbo-3.5. This is the same engine used for AI in emails in Pipeliner.

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