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Welcome to Pipeliner
Welcome to Pipeliner

Your introduction to all things Pipeliner!

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How to log in to PipelinerLogging into Pipeliner using the user invitation or via the URL as well as via Microsoft, Google or via Single Sign On
Sign Up for a TrialThis article will show you how to sign up for a free 14-day trial of Pipeliner.
Create a Trial Subscription and Convert a Trial to a Purchased SubscriptionIn this article learn how to convert your trial of Pipeliner into a subscription or skip the trial and purchase a Pipeliner license.
How to change your Pipeliner Password, Date Region, Name or Language and enable 2FALearn how to change your password, your date/regional settings, update your name, change your language and enable 2FA for logging in
Updating my Profile PictureLearn how to upload your profile picture into Pipeliner Cloud
Browsers supported by PipelinerIE, EDGE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera and other commercially available browsers are supported by Pipeliner CRM Cloud on Mac and PC.
How to Delete DataThis article will show you how to delete the sample data as well as any other data in your Pipeliner
What is Pipeliner’s Billing Policy?Pipeliner’s billing policy — terms for adding and cancelling, license reduction and billing policy to understand the auto-renewal conditions
Data Security and BackupsPipeliner implements and maintains thorough backup and data security practices. This article outlines those practices and procedures.
GDPR and managing your client's data in PipelinerHow GDPR affects how you deal with the data that you keep in Pipeliner about your Accounts and Contacts (clients)