The Products/Services offered by your company and pricing for those Products/Services can be added to Opportunities in Pipeliner allowing your team to select the products themselves, quantities, and pricing for their prospective sales (Opportunities). Pipeliner can then sum the value of the Products selected and potentially update the total value of the Opportunity.

In Pipeliner, just as in most businesses, pricing of products often change from one period (e.g. year) to another. So although you may have won deals where the pricing was set at a specific amount (let's say, last year), during the current period (this year), the pricing for the same product on your new Opportunities may be different. That is why Pipeliner has date-based price lists to accommodate those modifications.

Enter the Admin Module — from the Pipeliner CRM Application, click on the App Switcher in the top left corner:

NOTE: Only Administrators will see the Administration menu

Select the Fields and Forms Menu, next from the top of the page select the Opportunity form Tab:

NOTE: If you have multiple Pipelines, there will be a different Opportunity Form available for each Pipeline. First select the Pipeline you want to work with.

Select the "Edit Form" button:

Add a Products Section (Field) to a Form

Notice in the Fields Tab on the right is the Product field. Click and drag it into the form:

See Using the Admin Module: Fields and Forms for more information.

NOTE: a dialog box pops up, if you make this field required then the field must be completed when first entering into that step. Some fields are protected and cannot be changed. 

NOTE: You wouldn't normally set this field as required as it's unlikely for your users to have all this information when an Opportunity is created.

Scroll down to complete the fields.

Click "Save".

Then click on "Save" again.

Confirm and click "Publish":

Adding Categories to Products & Prices

In the Admin module select the "Products & Prices" Menu. Click on the "Categories" Tab:

Create a New Category by clicking on "Create New" or modify one that you already have.

To modify a category, click on the category name and make your changes:

To add a category, click the "Create New" button. Complete the fields. Click "Create":

Here is an example where "Material" is the category and then the products in that category that we will sell to our customers include Cotton, Wool, and Fleece:

Add Products to Categories

Select the "Products" Tab:

Click the "Create New" button. Complete the fields (required fields have an “*” asterisk):

  • Product Name
  • Product Unit represents how you describe the way in which the product is sold.  Here are some possible examples: Each, Dozen, Lb, Box, Kg
  • If your company does not use SKU numbers or Product Codes, skip this field.
  • Use the drop-down list to select the Category this product belongs in.
  • Add a description so your users know details of the product.
  • Lastly, select if this product will only be available in Opportunities that reside in a specific Pipeline or for all Opportunities of all Pipelines.

Click "Create".

Repeat this process for all your "Products":

Adding Pricing for your Products

NOTE: Pricing is not required. If Price lists are not entered, then the user will be able to manually enter in a price.  

Adding Price Lists to Pipeliner enables the end user to have the list pricing of products immediately entered into the form. They can modify those prices or add or eliminate products at any point in time while managing their Opportunities.

Prices often change, and therefore Pipeliner allows you to copy a Price list and modify it for the current pricing period or add or eliminate products. 

Each price list has a specific date that the price list begins, and when a new price list is created the date in it which that pricing begins will be marked. Price Lists cannot overlap the dates of when they begin and end. An end-user can choose  to use a previous price list even if the date had ended, then all the products they select will be priced according to that price list. Also, an End user can modify the pricing on any of the products, even those already selected using the price list.

Select the "Price Lists" Tab:

Select "Create New" button.

Click on the calendar icon. Select the date in which this price list will begin to be valid. Then select the date in which this price list is expected to end.

Click the "Create" button.

To modify this price list, double click the date of the list.

Add in the list price for all your Products noting that you can enter a different price for each Currency that you have enabled.

NOTE:  Changing anything within a current Price List in the Admin module will also change the pricing of Products in Opportunities that are using that price list including those that already have prices selected.

To create a "New Price" list. Click the "Create New" button again and repeat the steps above.

NOTE: Products and Pricing fields are available only in the Enterprise Tier.

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