You can manage your own personal information and security settings from your Pipeliner User Account.

Accessing your Pipeliner User Account

Open up your "User profile settings" by clicking on your "Avatar" in the top right corner as shown here and then selecting the small gear icon in the top right ⤵

Changing Name, Language, Timezone and Region

In the "User Profile Settings", click on the “Personal” tab and then scroll down to "Language" to select from "English" or "German"; select your "Timezone” and “Region" (this will affect date formats and the formats applied to number and currency fields etc)

User Security Settings

To change your password, click on the "Security" tab ⤵

You’ll need to log in again to unlock access to your Security settings ⤵


To change your password, click on the “Change Password” button ⤵

Type in your "Current Password" and your "New Password" (and then confirm your new password)

Click on "Save" to apply.

NOTE: If you already have the CRM app open in another tab, remember to do a browser refresh to update the app to reflect your new settings.

Pipeliner Identity Provider

This option identifies your primary login method from the Pipeliner login screen ⤵

These match up to the options available on the login screen ⤵

The options are:

  • Pipeliner IDP › login using your Pipeliner username and password

  • Google Account › login using your Google account by clicking on “Sign in with Google

  • Microsoft Account › login using your Microsoft account by clicking on “Sign in with Microsoft

NOTE: The login method may be set up by your Subscription Administrators in which case, only the option they select — for example, Sign in with Microsoft — will work for you when logging in.

2-Step Verification

You can choose to enable 2-Step Verification (this is 2FA, 2-factor authentication) for yourself each time you log in to Pipeliner. Click on the "Toggle" switch to enable ⤵

A verification code will be generated and sent to your login email address ⤵

If you don’t see the email within a short period of time, check your "Spam" folder just in case it’s been diverted ⤵

You can click on the "Verify Me" button within the email or type the verification code into the prompt in your User Security Settings and click on "Verify" ⤵

You’ll then receive an important onscreen message about Backup codes. These Backup Codes are your security fallback if all other verification methods fail so it’s extremely important to keep them so you can access them in an “emergency”.

Click on “Continue” ⤵

You’ll receive an email to confirm that 2FA is enabled for your Pipeliner account ⤵

You can now select which of the three main supported authentication methods you want to use each time you log in to Pipeliner:

Email Message › you will receive an email with a verification code that you’ll need to enter into the verification screen when logging in. Click on "Add" and you’ll receive a first-time verification code to your email address ⤵

Text Message (SMS) › you’ll receive an SMS with a verification code that you’ll need to enter into the verification screen when logging in. Click on “Add” and enter your preferred phone number and you’ll receive a first-time verification code to that number by SMS ⤵

Authenticator App › you’ll first need to install your preferred Authenticator app for Android/iOS application onto your phone. The authenticator app will generate a Pipeliner application verification code that you’ll need to enter into the verification screen when logging in. Having installed the Authenticator, click on "Add" and then enter the name of your app and click "Continue". The app will generate a first-time verification code for you to use ⤵

Back up codes › this is the fallback method. It’s not recommended to use it for general login because 10 backup codes are generated at a time. When you use a backup code, then this code expires. You do have the option to generate new backup codes in "User settings › Security". You can "Show Codes", "Download Codes" or "Print Codes" ⤵

Next time you log in, you’ll be prompted for the verification code that will be sent to you using the method you set up ⤵

You can tick the box “Don’t ask again on this device” to trust a specific device or use “Try more options” to receive a code using another method you have set up.

NOTE: You may be required to use 2-Step Authentication by your Pipeliner Subscription Administrators who may choose to enforce it for all users. If this is enabled, you’ll be logged out of Pipeliner and will be required to set up at least one of the authentication methods before being able to log back in.

Turning off 2-Step Verification

If you choose to switch off "2-Step Verification", all your settings will be removed and you’ll then be able to log in only using your usual login method ⤵

NOTE: If 2-Step Verification is enabled by your Subscription Administrators you will not be able to switch it off.

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