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Logging in for the first time

When you've added as a user by your Administrator, our servers will send you an invitation email titled “You have been invited to join Pipeliner CRM team” ⤵

Click on the link in the email to sign in ⤵

Complete all the details and tick to confirm agreement with our standard Terms and Conditions and then click on "Save & Continue".

NOTE: If the password you entered does not meet the minimum password security criteria you’ll see this reminder about password requirements ⤵

NOTE: The combination of username and password that you enter here as your Pipeliner account can be used to sign in to all Pipeliner sites — for example, if you’re also a Subscription Administrator, you’ll be able to use the same login credential to log in to

What do I do if I can’t find the invitation email?

If you don’t receive the invitation email, first look in your Spam folder as it can sometimes be diverted there.

If you can’t find it, you can log in “Manually”. Launch the URL, type in your email address as your login (this must be the email address your Admin used when they set you up as a user in Pipeliner) and then follow the instructions below for using the Forgot Password.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can reset your password at any time during login by using the Forgot Password? link ⤵

Click on “Send Link” ⤵

Check your email for the password reset email which will be titled “Pipeliner CRM password change request”.

NOTE: If you don’t see the email within a few minutes, check your Spam folder ⤵

Click on the link in the email to reset your password ⤵

You’ll get the following message if you try to login with an incorrect password ⤵

Account Protection/Blocked Logins

If you try to log in more than 10 times with an incorrect password within a period of 5 minutes, you'll be locked out of Pipeliner for 5 minutes.

NOTE: We also block your login for the same duration if your account is automatically hacked by a "brute force attack"

Logging in with your Microsoft or Google Account

Once you’ve created your Pipeliner account and logged in for the first time, you’ll then be able to login directly using your Microsoft or Google account when you next log in ⤵

NOTE: The username (email address) of your Microsoft or Google account must match the email address that your Administrator used to invite you to Pipeliner.

Click on “Sign in with Microsoft” or “Sign in with Google” and select your account to log in ⤵

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your Administrators have enabled SSO for your Pipeliner subscription, once you’ve logged in for the first time, you’ll then be able to login to Pipeliner using your standard Windows network login and password.

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