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Sending a Mass Email Campaign
Sending a Mass Email Campaign
Sending a mass email campaign is simple and allows you to improve your team’s sales outreach by giving you campaign insights.
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The following article covers these topics:

Please view our video on our Mass Email Feature to get an overview of this feature ⤵


Email is one of the most overlooked and important components of sales outreach. Pipeliner has automated email capabilities to ensure that sales outreach is optimized. Now, we give you all the necessary tools at your fingertips to create, manage, and track your own micro-marketing campaigns. When you create a mass email campaign, it will be integrated into your daily workflows for effortless tracking and management. You will have the ability to:

  • View campaign statistics from a report located in any contact’s Feed

  • See who has read the email

  • Send a follow-up email from the report based data

We give you the option to create a template from HTML or simple text. This gives you a way to collaborate with your marketing team in allowing them to add their favourite HTML templates to be shared with the sales unit! First, you must learn the variety of different ways to integrate email into your Pipeliner CRM before starting a mass email campaign.

Integrating with your Email Account

These integrations allow your Pipeliner CRM and your Email to work together

NOTE: Before starting a successful email campaign, you must make sure you have the proper email integration setup. You need to enable either the Office 365 email integration or the Gmail email integration. 

Each Individual user needs to make sure their integration is configured by accessing the "Settings" menu located in the upper right corner of the application where your avatar appears. This area allows you to manage all applications Administrators have added ⤵

NOTE: If you don’t see the Office 365 or Gmail options, please speak to your Pipeliner Administrator so they can enable the correct option in the Automation hub.

NOTE: If you are having trouble with your integration, as a first step PLEASE DEACTIVATE AND ACTIVATE YOUR INTEGRATION IN THIS SCREEN! 

Using a Company Email Address

If your company has given you access to a company email address, you can use it when composing a mass email. In order to switch to it, change the “From” field using the dropdown menu ⤵

Creating a template for your Mass Email Campaign

Now that you have your integration enabled it is time to learn how to set-up and carry out a mass email campaign. Pipeliner CRM gives your team the ability to access insights into the campaign’s performance so you can send follow-ups when necessary and view the effectiveness of your message. This allows you to improve upon your messaging, templates, and campaigns down the road so you understand what works, and what doesn’t work. The first step to setting up a successful mass email campaign is learning how to build templates. 

Building Email Templates

Building your email template is going to be the foundation for your email campaign. In order to start a new template, please access the Tools menu where you can find the "Email Templates" manager⤵

Here is where you can access all the tools you need to produce an excellent message for your audience. This is where you will create, organize, and store all your different templates and messages. As well, you can share templates with other teams and users ⤵

In addition, you can also choose to Manage templates when you create a new mass (or standard) email and select “Use Template” in the bottom right corner ⤵

Please check out our article “Creating and Using Email Templates in Pipeliner” to learn all about how to maximize this convenient tool. 

You can personalise your templates by adding fields from Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts as well as details from the user. And, advanced personalization means users are more likely to respond to your message and feel as though it is targeted at them. 

Please check out our article “Personalizing the Content of Emails” to learn about adding personalised fields to your template as well as how each user can set up a signature which will be used on all emails they send directly from Pipeliner.

When sending out a mass email, you can add an unsubscribe link so customers can opt-out of your email communications. When you add the link it will say “Unsubscribe.” But, you can customize the language to your preference ⤵

If they do opt-out, you can see who is unsubscribed in Contact and Account records ⤵

Sending a Mass Email via List View

Once you have successfully set up an email template, it is time to send out your mass email to the correct recipients. The best way to accomplish this is by accessing Contacts and then switching to the list view. This will give you the best, easiest method for selecting the right recipients and starting your mass email campaign ⤵

Once in the list view, you can view all of your contacts in one digestible list and select contacts by clicking each individual box, or selecting all by clicking the box in the top left corner. Use Pipeliner’s Filter options to build your specific list. Please read our article on Filters in Detail for more advanced filtering and finding a distinct list of contacts ⤵

NOTE: The maximum number of recipients that you can include in a Mass Email depends on whether you are using O365 or Gmail:

  • Office 365 users are limited by the following: 10,000 sent email messages per day; 500 recipients total for a single email; 30 emails sent per minute.

  • Gmail users are limited to ~2000 emails per day. The limit depends on the type of Gmail account that you have. More details can be found here.

Additionally, you can send out a Mass Email from within the Archive. In order to start a Mass Email, choose all the Opportunities you want to contact from the list view. Or, you can "Shift + Command + Click" to select multiple Leads or Opportunities from the Pipeline view. Once you select multiple Leads or Opportunities, choose the mass email option from the top of the toolbar ⤵

Please make sure you select Mass Email to give you all the personalization and tracking capabilities that a Standard Email is not going to provide. The difference between the two is:

  • Mass Email — Individual emails sent separately to each recipient. This allows for advanced personalization in adding fields.

  • Standard Email — A single email sent to all recipients. This allows for limited personalization.

These articles cover Sending Emails from Pipeliner:

Tracking your Mass Email

Once you send out your mass email, we give you all the tracking tools you need to manage and assess your campaign. These insights help you determine:

  • Who needs a follow up based on who opened your email?

  • When should you send a follow-up email and to whom?

  • How successful was your campaign and what could you have done differently?

There are two different areas where you can view the statistics based on your Mass Email Campaign. You can view the insights from the main "Feeds" menu or by clicking on an individual contact that received the campaign. If you specifically want to view all mass emails sent by you and your colleagues, please click on the Mass Emails stream.

The Main Feeds Tab ⤵

An Individual Contact’s Feed ⤵

As you can see in this example, "Ashley Harriman" has read my email because the "Eyeball" icon has turned Green. 

Mass Email Statistics Report

If you wish to see all campaign statistics, click on “Show Mass Email.” This will display all the insights related to your Mass Email Campaign, including:

  • A list of all recipients

  • Which contacts opened the email

  • How many opens in total

  • Which contacts clicked content in the email 

  • How many clicks in total

  • How many recipients replied to your email

  • Total number of replies

  • Who did not open it at all

  • Any emails that were not sent due to bad email data

  • How many unsubscribed (using your Unsubscribe link)

  • Total number who unsubscribed

Sending a Follow Up Email

All of these tabs have the option of selecting the relevant recipients and sending a "Follow-up Email" ⤵

Drilldown to List View of Recipients

Or, click on "Open Records" to open a list of the recipients from any of the tabs - All, Open etc - in a List View. This gives access to to additional options for working with that subset of records ⤵

Tracking is important because you can determine the next steps to take and how to improve your messaging for increased conversions in the future. In this instance, I did not like the open rate so I am going to choose to send a Follow-Up email to all recipients who never opened my email. If you go to “Not Opened,” you can easily craft a new message to try and reach this audience and capture their engagement.

Please check out our article “Email Tracking in Pipeliner” to learn more.

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