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Mobile — Creating a New Account or Contact
Mobile — Creating a New Account or Contact

Uncover the many different ways to create new Account and Contacts when using Pipeliner CRM Mobile.

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The Pipeliner CRM Mobile App offers a variety of easy options to add an Account or Contact. At any point, while navigating through the app click the icon in the bottom right corner labelled “Create New”. This will bring up a few options, including creating a new Account or Contact. 

They both include Creating New (starting with all fields blank), Create From Current Location, and Import from Addressbook. Finally, you can Scan a Business Card using “Create a new Contact” where you can add both an Account and Contact using your phone’s camera.

NOTE: Please contact your Account Manager if you do not have access to the Business Card Scanner ⤵

Create New

When you select “Create New” you will be creating your Account or Contact from scratch. This option leaves all fields blank, whereas all subsequent options offer a shortcut to prefill information. Please enter all of the correct details pertaining to the new Account or Contact you would like to create. 

Create from Location

Please watch this video to learn how to Create a New Contact from Location ⤵

You may find yourself at an in-person sales meeting and need to create a new Contact or you may find yourself visiting a prospect and need to create a new account on the fly. Pipeliner provides an easy way to do this from the Mobile app by utilizing location services. Once you click “Create from Location” Pipeliner will open up maps and automatically display your current address. You can also choose to input any address into the search bar and it will drop a pin on a new location. 

Once you hit “Set Location” the app will automatically create a new Contact or Account with the address you have selected ⤵

Now, all you have to do is go in and add the rest of the Account or Contact’s information ⤵

Import from Addressbook

Importing from Addressbook allows you to add Accounts and Contacts based on records you have saved in your phone. You can choose to select a single contact or you can choose to import your entire list of contacts. Saving Accounts and Contacts into your phone makes it extremely simple to update Pipeliner at a later time ⤵

NOTE: This works well if you are meeting a lot of new people at trade shows, conferences, etc. or if you are looking to add existing Accounts and Contacts from your phone when you join Pipeliner. 

Scan Business Card

Please watch this video on How to use the Business Card Scanner

The Business Card Scanner is a fantastic way to import business cards you may have collected while meeting with prospects. Using your phone’s camera, take a photo of the business card and automatically import the data when creating a new Account or Contact. Once you import a business card, all of the information is transferred off the card directly into Pipeliner! ⤵

NOTE: As you can see in this example, the font is very clear and the background is simple. Business cards with unclear font or complex backgrounds will not scan as well. 

NOTE: It can help to switch on your phone camera's flash before taking the picture

After scanning, the business card’s information will automatically be copied into the Account and Contact forms! Finally, you can choose to create both an Account and Contact or only a Contact ⤵

NOTE: Sometimes the card reader may not obtain all the information in the correct positions. Please adjust the information accordingly and enter it into the correct fields. 

Duplicate Checking for Accounts and Contacts 

We have now extended duplicate checking to the Mobile app, meaning we will identify when you are trying to create an Account or Contact that already exists. Before saving a new Account or Contact, you will be notified if any matching Accounts or Contacts already exist in Pipeliner. Then, you can view the “similar” records to make sure you’re not about to save a duplicate ⤵

NOTE: The check is for an exact match on the Account name and both First Name and Last name for Contacts. If you do choose to open the record of the “similar” Account / Contact, please know all data will be lost from the Account / Contact you are creating.

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