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Google Add-In — Using Google Forms to create records in Pipeliner
Google Add-In — Using Google Forms to create records in Pipeliner

Learn how to install the Pipeliner Google Add-in for Google Forms to create Leads, Accounts or Contacts directly into Pipeliner

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PRE-REQUISITES: Pipeliner CRM Google Forms Add-On requires a subscription to Pipeliner CRM, and is seamlessly integrated with Pipeliner CRM Starter, Business and Enterprise versions.

The Pipeliner CRM Google Forms Add-On allows you to quickly capture sales leads, contacts, accounts or tasks directly into Pipeliner CRM when a form is submitted by email, via a link or from a website. The Add-on lets you link the options in those forms with the fields from a Pipeliner CRM Lead, Account, Contact or Task record and assign the Owner for the newly created records. Then, when somebody completes and submits the Google Form, the Pipeliner CRM Forms Add-In creates a new record in Pipeliner CRM.

Installation of the Google Forms Add-in

In order to add the Google Forms Add-In, you must first access Google Forms. From your Gmail account, please find Google Forms among your Google Apps ⤵

Once in Google Forms, you can find the Add-In by clicking on the “Add-ons" menu from the dropdown selection here ⤵

This will take you directly to the G-Suite Marketplace. Search for "Pipeliner" within the Add-Ons list and the search results will show you the Google Forms Add-In. Click on the "Install” to add it into Google Forms.

Once installed, it will be available within Google Forms. Click on the Add-ons icon again and select the Pipeliner CRM Forms add-on and then click Start to access the Add-In ⤵

NOTE: You’ll need to make sure that only one Google account is logged in to your browser in order to use the Add-in. The Troubleshooting section at the bottom of this article gives more details.

Mapping Pipeliner Fields to a Google Form

Once you have successfully added the Google Forms Add-In, it is time to start adding Pipeliner Fields into the Google Form. When you open up the Add-In, you can choose either a Lead, Account, Contact or Task to determine which Fields you would like to map to your Form. Upon submission of the Form, a new Lead, Account, Contact or Task will be created in Pipeliner CRM with the corresponding Fields ⤵

After you have selected which entity you would like to use, pick how you would like to map the corresponding Google Forms field to the field in Pipeliner CRM.

Furthermore, you can also pick who you would like to take ownership of the newly created records in Pipeliner CRM ⤵

After selecting which fields to map, choose from the Form Settings how to capture the data in Pipeliner CRM. Choose whether you want to create new entities in Pipeliner CRM, and also pick emails of Users that you would like to receive notifications for when new records are created after Form submission ⤵

Once you fill out the Form Settings, your integration will now be enabled and it will begin capturing data once submissions start pouring in ⤵

How to Collect Form Submissions

Once you have completed your new Pipeliner CRM Form, it is time to begin collecting submissions. When you click “Send” at the top of the Google Form, you can distribute the Form in 3 ways, by email, through a link, or by HTML on a website.


The first option for collection form submissions, allows you to send a direct email straight from the Google Form. Here you, can plugin email recipients, a subject, and a message to send along with the Form ⤵

This will send an email directly to the email recipient with the Google Form ready to fill out ⤵

The second option is to copy and paste the provided link and post the Google Form wherever you would like ⤵

You can post it on your favourite website, through a marketing automation tool, or on your company’s social media page ⤵


The provided HTML code will allow you to attach your new Google Form directly to your website ⤵

Once you embed the HTML, it will instantly show up on your webpage, where visitors can fill out the form ⤵

Once you start receiving responses, Pipeliner CRM will begin to populate with new Lead, Account, or Contact records directly from the filled out Google Forms ⤵


The Add-in works only with a single Google account so you’ll need to make sure that only one Google account is logged in to your browser in order to use the Add-in. If you see the error message below, this indicates that more one account is logged in ⤵

To fix the problem, click on the user icon in the top right in your browser and then click the button “Sign out of all accounts”. Once you are signed out, you can log in to one Google account and run the add-in without problems ⤵

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