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Working with Multiple Form Views for Users
Working with Multiple Form Views for Users

Using multiple Form Views users can select different fields to view when working with records and Quick Jump to different form sections .

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Different individuals or teams within your organisation can often be interested in different information when working in Pipeliner. As examples, the Marketing team might be most interested in a Contact’s communication preferences and not so much in their phone or address information or your Customer Success Managers might want to see contract details when looking at an Account record and no "marketing" information.

Users can now create, and share, multiple Form Views that can be accessed whenever they open up an Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity record that will show them just the fields they are most interested in or need to work with at that particular time.

Users can also apply colour coding to highlight specific fields when working with Form Views. This helps to highlight important information, especially when there are a lot of fields on the Form that users are working with.

Using the quick search & jump feature, users can simply type in the name of the field or section they want to navigate to, and the system will instantly take them to the corresponding section of the form and highlight it. This is especially helpful for advanced forms with numerous fields, where scrolling through each one can be time-consuming.

Creating a new Form View

When you open up an Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity, you’ll see a dropdown on the right of the toolbar in the Detail tab. “Full View” will show as the default ⤵

When you click on the dropdown, you’ll see that there are 2 default Form Views:

Full View” - this view shows all fields on the form and cannot be modified

System View” - this view shows all default fields and can be changed ⤵

To add a new Form View, click on the “Manage Views” icon ⤵

And then select “Create New”, give your new Form View a name and then click on “Create” ⤵

Now you get to choose the fields that you want to be displayed when you’re using your new Form View. The Manage Form Views screen shows all your Form Views and those shared with you and, if you have lots, you can search by name.

To make it easier for you to pick the fields, under Form Sections, you can choose just the fields from different sections of your Form ⤵

Uncheck any fields that you do not want to be visible when using your new Form View ⤵

You can preview your Form by clicking on the “eye” ⤵

Adding Field Highlighting to your Form Views

As you’re choosing which fields will be useful on your new view - or, in fact, working with the default System View - you can also apply coloured field highlighting to selected fields.

Select the field you want to highlight and then click on the icon on the right and choose which colour you want to use

Repeat this process for each field you want to highlight

Use the Preview to see the effect of your highlighting

Saving and Sharing your View

You can “Share” your new view with your colleagues by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the Form View name. Sharing works exactly as it does throughout Pipeliner - you can make your Form View “Public” if it should be available for every user or use “Custom” to share with specific colleagues (e.g. those users in the Marketing Team).

NOTE: you can also “Rename”, “Copy” or “Delete” your views ⤵

When you’re happy with the fields and sharing settings, click on “Save & Use” to apply immediately or “Save” to add it to your list for later ⤵

And here’s the end result!

This is a Contact using the new Marketing View ⤵

To remind you that you’re using a custom view (and therefore possibly not seeing all available fields!), the green dot will show whenever you choose any view other than “Full View” ⤵

NOTE: Each custom Form View that is set up can have different fields highlighted.

Information for Unlimited Tier customers who have implemented Advanced Permissions

Only Users whose User Role has Form Views allowed in the Admin -> User role -> Common records tab will be able to set up Form Views and use colour highlighting.

Using Quick Jump & Search

Click on the Search icon next to the Form Views and type in the name of the field you want to jump to or choose the section from the listed options ⤵

The Form "Quick Jump" feature is available for all record forms, and can be accessed from the toolbar in form record detail or create form dialog. Users can use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F (for both Mac & PC) to quickly open up a search window and immediately start typing to find the field or section they are looking for.

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