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Managing and Using Activity Reminders
Managing and Using Activity Reminders

How to see and manage Reminders and how to set your Reminder options

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This article will cover the following topics:

Pipeliner Reminders are alarms to remind you that you have an Activity planned that you need to action.

You can choose to set Reminders manually or automatically and can view them as pop-ups and/or in the Notification Hub.

Work with your Reminders using Snooze or Dismiss or click straight through to the Activity itself to update it.

You can also get Reminders on your mobile phone by enabling "Reminder Notifications" in your "Notification Settings" in the Mobile App.

How to set a Reminder

When you’re scheduling a Task, set a Reminder from the top right by clicking on the “Set Reminder” link and choosing a date and time for your reminder ⤵

When planning an Appointment, a reminder will usually be set. Select an alternative option from the dropdown by clicking on the "Unknown link" ⤵

Setting “Automatic” reminders

You can update your own user settings to automatically add reminders as you schedule Tasks and Appointments. Click on your "Avatar" in the top right and then choose "Settings" ⤵

Click on the "Reminders" tab ⤵

You can choose to add a “Default Appointment Reminder” and/or a “Default Task Reminder”.

  • Default Appointment Reminder — choose a time in advance of your meeting that you’d like to receive the reminder. You can select from times ranging from  “At Start” through to “2 weeks before start”.

  • Default Task Reminder — select from the options ranging from “Same Day as Due Date” through to “A week before” and then select the time of day you want the Reminder to be scheduled for.

The final option is to choose whether to “Show reminder floating notifications”. These are the pop-ups that appear on-screen in the bottom right hand corner while you’re working in Pipeliner ⤵

NOTE:Show reminder floating notifications” must be turned on in order to see Reminders in the Notification Hub

Where do I see reminders?

If you have “Show reminder floating notifications” enabled, you’ll see pop-ups in the bottom right of Pipeliner when you’re working in the app ⤵

When you hover over a Reminder, you’ll see additional details about the Activity and its date. You can also Snooze or Dismiss each Reminder individually or "Dismiss All" or "Hide All" ⤵

Click on the Reminder to open up the associated Activity. More details of the Reminder will show in the right hand panel ⤵

You can also choose to see and manage Reminders from the Notification Hub by clicking on the "Bell Notification" icon in the top application bar ⤵

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