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Using Tasks & Appointments on Mobile

Learn the assortment of different methods to create new Activities using the Pipeliner CRM Mobile App.

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Please watch this video to understand how to Create a New Activity

Activity — Adding a Task or an Appointment that needs to be completed

Tasks — Things that you do that are not meetings. Pipeliner provides several choices as a default — Call, Email, Task

Appointments — Meetings you have with your prospective or current clients. They have a date and time to begin and end

Tracking activities is easier than ever because you can create Tasks and Appointments from just about anywhere in the Pipeliner app. Logging activities for tracking is helpful for many reasons, including setting reminders, viewing team activity, and in creating reports. Additionally, you can track all interactions with your Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts.

From the main menu, you have the ability to select either Tasks or Appointments. "View Appointments" from the Calendar menu and Tasks from the Task menu. This makes for easy collaboration amongst you and your team

How to Add New Activities and Linked Items

At any point, while navigating through the App, please locate the “Create New” button from the bottom right screen in order to add a new Task or Appointment. Once you choose to create a new activity, you will be required to fill in all the fields to set up a Task or Appointment. Also, you can set a reminder so you don’t forget and make it a recurring activity if you would like it to repeat on a regular basis. For example, I may want to remind myself to send out our newsletter every week on "Monday at 8:00 am". 

Finally, you have the ability to add linked items and documents. Linked items include any Lead, Opportunity, Account, or Contact you wish to include in the Task or Appointment. Documents include any necessary materials, like PDF’s or training manuals, you wish to use

In this example, I have added a Task to email these selected Accounts about a new product we have released. 

After I set up an activity, I am able to view it when I click on a record. Every single record comes with an activities tab where you can see what you have upcoming. Let's say I was interested in checking out what activity I have with American Fidelity. When I click on their record and “Activity” tab, I can see the Task (Email) that I have set up to send them for my upsell. You will also be able to view every activity you add in Feeds ⤵ 

Creating an Activity from a Record

At the bottom of every Contact, you have the option for a Call, Message, or an Email. When you reopen the App after any of these actions, it will automatically prompt you to log it as an activity. 

Let’s use the Messaging feature as an example for creating an activity from a record. Click the message icon at the bottom of the screen when viewing a contact, and this will prompt you to send an SMS message to the contact’s phone. This automatically launches your default SMS messaging option. Here, you will be able to craft a message for your contact

NOTE: If they have a Primary and Mobile number listed you will have to choose between them. We recommend you choose the Mobile phone option to ensure it will send them an SMS message.

Editing Existing Activities

Anywhere you find an activity in the app, click on it and you will be able to alter its content. Whether it is from the Tasks menu, a record, or in Feeds, you can change your activities anywhere you find them. This is very convenient and it allows you to make changes on the fly. 

Here is an example

How Notifications and Reminders Work on Mobile

When you decide to set up a reminder, you will be notified that you have an Activity to complete. You must make sure that reminder notifications are enabled in the settings menu. This is an awesome way to make sure you don’t forget, especially when they are important! (Like an in-person meeting).

In this example, I have set a reminder 10 minutes before I need to complete this Task to send out an email. I will get a push notification that looks like this so I will always remember to complete my Task

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