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Scanning Documents into Records

Use your phone’s camera in order to scan in documents to records in Pipeliner.

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Whether you have paper invoices or other important documents, use your phone’s camera to save them as a PDF directly into any Pipeliner record. All you need to do is open the Pipeliner Mobile Application, and scan in any documents you have. Once your Mobile Application is synced, you can view your newly scanned documents on the computer. This is an extremely efficient way to organize and maintain copies of all your documents.

Starting a New Scan

Let's say I attended a trade show over the weekend and collected brochures from other companies that displayed interest in our business. I would now like to scan these specifications in as documents for my colleagues to utilize while contacting these Leads. In order to start a new scan, locate the documents tab in any entity — Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts

Or, open the "Documents" Tab when viewing an activity, Tasks or Appointments

Once in the Documents Tab, click the plus sign in order to add a new document ⤵

Scan Document” will be at the bottom, with other options available ⤵

Scanning Guidelines

When starting a new scan, please align the document with plenty of space around the edges. You will be able to crop the document in the next step ⤵

Also, if the photo appears dark, please activate your flash by clicking the "lightning symbol" ⤵

Once the alignment and lighting meets your liking, click the "center circle button" to capture the image. Once you have taken the photo, you can choose to Retake, Edit, or Keep the scan. We recommend you always edit the photo to crop it to your preferences ⤵

Once you have cropped the photo, it will automatically boost the quality of the scan ⤵

After you choose to keep the scan, please repeat this process for as many different photos you want to include in your PDF. Before saving, please make sure to Rename the file at the top of the page and Reorder the photos. When you are ready to save the PDF, click “Save PDF” in the upper right ⤵

NOTE: It will save all photos from the scan into one PDF file, not separate files for each photo.

Now, your new PDF scan will be available in this record at all times ⤵

Once your Mobile Application has been synced, you can access the new PDF file from your computer ⤵

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