Admin Hacks

Quick tips to get you up and running on Admin fast!

21 articles
GeneralLearn what you can see on the General tab
Security — Audit LogTracking Admin changes made to your space using the Audit Log
Security — Entity ChangesTracking Admin changes made to your space using the Audit Log
Company EmailsLearn about adding Company Email addresses for users to use when sending emails from inside Pipeliner
What’s a Unit?This article details what a unit (or sales unit) is and how they can be used in your account for things like managing user security.
Adding UsersThis article explains how to invite a new user to Pipeliner with the role and unit selections you have made. Also learn key terminology.
Managing User RolesThis article explains how to create a custom user role and use it as a template to manage security for future users.
PipelinesSee how easy it is to set up a pipeline in Pipeliner. This article will tell you everything you need to know to get started.
Base CurrencyLearn about the base currency and what to do if you don’t forecast money values.
CurrenciesThis article teaches you how to enable multiple currencies, where to use them within the system, and how to keep them updated.
Exchange RatesThis article covers how to add an exchange rate list and how to keep currency rates up to date.
Product CategoriesUse the Products Categories to group your products and services to make them easier to find
ProductsLearn how adding your Products is useful within the Opportunities section of the tool. Also learn key terminology within Products.
Price ListsWhen and how to use product/service price list, add to opportunities with or without price and discounts, using multiple currencies
Accounts HierarchyLearn how to view the relationship between Accounts in the account hierarchy and how the hierarchies can be used.
Sales RolesThis article details how to create sales roles with the Buying Center to track all of the contacts linked to your Opportunities.
Accounts RelationsLearn how to view the networked relationships between Accounts in the Relation graph.
Contacts RelationsLearn how to view the networked relationships between Contacts in the Relation graph.
Fields & FormsLearn what forms and fields are within Pipeliner and the key terminology you will need to know to use them effectively.
SettingsThis article goes over global, email, attachments settings that will apply to all users within Pipeliner.
Automation HubIn the Automation Hub see which Apps are integrated with Pipeliner and other suggested integrations. You can also request a custom solution.