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Understanding and Using Feeds
Understanding and Using Feeds

In this article users will learn where to view the feeds in Pipeliner, what is shown in them, and how to add a message to the feed.

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Feeds provide a way to view all of the different interactions that are related to your Contact, Lead, Opportunity or Account records and other records related directly to them. Use Feeds to see emails, activities, messages posted directly to the Feed by someone on your sales team and much more.

Viewing Feeds

Feeds can be viewed from the:

  • The main Feeds Menu

  • In the Compact View of any record

  • The Feeds tab from within an open record

You can choose to see Feeds in the expanded Card View or the "List View" which enables you to see more items on-screen at the same time ⤵

Feeds Menu

Select the main "Feeds" menu to see everything going on in Pipeliner as a whole ⤵

Opportunities, Accounts, Leads, or Contact Compact Views

Make sure you’re in the "Compact View" (click on the "View" drop-down and select the "Compact View")

Then select the record that you’re interested in on the left and the Feed for that specific record will be on the right ⤵

Feeds Menu from within an open record

Select any record. In this example, we will select a "Lead". However, you could select an Account, Contact or Opportunity. From the Detail page select the "Feeds" menu ⤵

Viewing items in the Feed

What is viewed in the Feed is an individual’s choice and cannot be changed universally for every Pipeliner user. However, some details will automatically appear in the Feed, e.g. if an individual has set up email integration, then those emails will appear in the Feed.

The type of item or activity posted in the Feed is colour coded for ease of reference, e.g. Tasks and Appointments are orange, Opportunity and Lead updates purple and Notes yellow. The Feed item includes links to related records. Click on the link to open up the detail page of the linked record or hover to see the “Quick View” ⤵

Filter Button 

Use the “Filter” button in the Feed-in the Compact View of any record, or if you have the record open, to turn on or off what you would like to see in the Feed. Once selected, these will stay this way within this type of entity until the next time they are modified ⤵

  • Period — select from one of the preset date ranges in the dropdown or scroll to the bottom of the list and choose Custom to specify a date range. Only Feed items created within that date range will be displayed.

  • Users, Sales Units, Applications— if you select a user whose Feed items you want to see, only items owned by that specific user will show in the Feed.

NOTE: If you're in the main Feeds menu, simply click on the Gears icon to open up the Power Panel to see the same options

Records Settings

Filter options are arranged in sections. You can check or uncheck all options for a section.

Team Activity


Select All — ticks all the options below.
Activities — All Activities, or specific Activities that you select from the list, will display in the Feed ⤵

Notes — view and read any Notes associated with the record ⤵

Documents — see when files have been attached to the record ⤵

Messages — users click on the Create New Message button to add messages to the Feed. These are then displayed by selecting this option. Note that other members of your team can add their comments to messages ⤵


Emails — view Emails linked to this record (copies of emails can be created manually by using the Outlook or Google plugins and linked to any record or automatically associated with Contacts or Accounts by using the Exchange or Gmail integration).

Select All to see all emails or choose from the following options:

  • Opened - emails that have been opened

  • Clicked - emails where an included link has been clicked

  • Not Opened - unopened emails

  • Unsubscribe - emails where the recipient unsubscribed

  • Incoming email - incoming emails captured by the email integration

  • Outgoing emails - sent emails or outgoing emails captured by the email integration

  • Automated emails - this option allows you to hide all automated emails (i.e. emails sent by Automatizer processes or Email Sequences)

  • Bounced - bounced emails

Text Messages - see SMS messages sent using the Calling add on

Online Form Responses - responses submitted to Online Forms

Mass Emails - view Mass Emails

Entity Updates and Linking

See updates relating to records that have been added and linked

Accounts — select this option to see Feed items linked directly to the Account including adding additional accounts to the Org Chart ⤵

Contacts — displays Feed items to inform you whenever new Contacts are associated with the record ⤵

Leads and Opportunities — see Feeds about Leads or Opportunities that this record is related to ⤵



Any Custom Entities you have created

Additional Records Settings

Show only Messages/Emails with documents — Restricts the view of Feed items only to those with attachments.

Show only favourite records - see only those records you have starred as Favourites

Seeing Emails in Feeds

If you have automatic integration with your email program, those emails that were sent or received to or from anyone whose email address is already in Pipeliner prior to sending or receiving that email will be visible in the Feed and they will be linked to the Contact record (or Account record) where the email address is saved.

If you are using the Microsoft Outlook Addin you can individually copy specific emails into Pipeliner and choose which record to link the email to. This can include a Lead or Opportunity as well as Contact or Account. 

Using Messages

Whenever you see the Feed, you can post a message directly. Here is an example of adding a Message to the Feed when in the Opportunity Form, then sharing that with the team.

Click on the "Create New Message" button ⤵

Complete the fields. In the Watchers field select the individuals or groups of team members that you would like to see, or be notified about, this Message. You can link the Message to multiple records and add Files (including images) in the Documents section. Select “Click here to upload”.

Click on "Post" ⤵

Once you’ve posted a message, your colleagues can add their comments to it.

Custom Feed Streams in the main Feeds menu

Select from the preset Streams in the left-hand panel to view only those items in the Feeds ⤵

All — Everything!
Mass Emails — Mass Emails that have been sent directly from Pipeliner.

Recent Mass Emails — view all mass emails from the last 30 days

Emails — view only emails

Recent Emails — view all emails from the last 30 days

Online Form Responses — view all online forms responses only

Documents — view all documents only
Favorites — View everything associated with an Opportunity, Lead, Account or Contact that you have marked as one of your favourites.
Hot Opportunities — View items linked to Opportunities that have been tagged as Hot

Best Ranked Opportunities — View Opportunities that have been ranked as 80% or higher.
Customers — View items linked to Accounts and Contacts related to Won Opportunities. 


All options are also available in the main Feeds menu so you can select only the items you’re interested in viewing.

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