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User Interface

All the information you need to get started with using Pipeliner as a user including customising your interface and day-to-day working with the system

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Using Tags in PipelinerUse Tags to flag, or categorise, Leads, Opportunities, Accounts or Contacts for easy searching and filtering
Working with Leads — using Lead ScoringSet up Lead Scoring to help differentiate and prioritize Leads within Pipeliner
Highlighting Recent Changes using the List ViewUsing the customisable List View you can highlight changes made to selected fields within a date period
Customising the Record DetailAdmins can select the tabs to display in the Record Detail and sidebar panel and users can choose their own tab order
Customising the Record PreviewYou can choose the fields to display in the Record Preview, sidebar and tooltip as well as the content included in the Overview
Using Target in the Pipeline ViewThis article explains how to use Target in the Pipeline view, changing Target Settings and managing excluded Opportunities.
Using Opportunity Revenue RecognitionHow to use Revenue Recognition to schedule revenue from an opportunity or from product line items over different time periods
Accessing Sales POP! Content Inside PipelinerDiscover everywhere in Pipeliner where Sales POP content is accessible.
Working with Multiple Form Views for UsersUsing multiple Form Views users can select different fields to view when working with records and Quick Jump to different form sections .

Navigating the Pipeliner ScreenThis article shows you a variety of different menus with Pipeliner, the information displayed, and what you can do within each area.
How to use the Search features in PipelinerHow to use the global and advanced search and see how results are found and displayed
Understanding Accounts and ContactsThis article explains two key record types in Pipeliner (Account and Contact) and how they are related.
An Introduction to Working with Accounts and ContactsLearn how to create, update and archive Account and Contact records & how to see all related information such as Opportunities or Activities
Understanding Pipelines, Leads, Opportunities and ActivitiesLearn the other two key record types (Lead and Opportunity) along with what your activities and pipeline are so you can get started.
Creating Leads, Opportunities, and Activities and managing them throughout your Pipeline / Sales Funnel including winning and losing prospective dealsThis article discusses how to create a lead, opportunity, and activities within Pipeliner. It also shows you how to navigate your pipeline.
Understanding Activities — Tasks and AppointmentsThis article explains what tasks and appointments are, their subcategories, and their importance. Also learn what the fitness metric is.
Creating Activities — Tasks and AppointmentsPipeliner allows you to create activities in Lead, Contact, Account and Opportunity records to keep track of your tasks and appointments.
How to link and view files and attachments in PipelinerHow to link files and email attachments to records in Pipeliner and how to view and access files once linked
In-App and Email NotificationsWhat are In App and email Notifications and how to set your Notification options
How To Turn On Spell Checking to use with PipelinerLearn how to enable the spell checker tool in your internet browser for Pipeliner Cloud CRM and how it works when you are using Pipeliner.
Royal Weddings - setting up scheduling pagesGuidance for setting up your own scheduling pages for Intro Calls, Consultation Calls, Planning Calls and Wrap up Calls

Understanding the Power PanelThis article explains what the Power Panel is and the different tabs and profiles that allow you to manipulate what you want to see.
Using the Power Panel for Managing your ViewsThis article details the Power Panel and how to modify it in different areas of Pipeliner. It also explains how to create a profile view.
Power Panel — View Settings in detail (Managing Your Sales Meetings)How to use Power Panel options to create views of Pipeline that help manage one-on-one or group meeting with teams.
Understanding Pipeliner's ViewsThis article gives an overview of each view as well as links to a detailed description of each View and how to use it.
The Pipeline View in DetailHow to visualize data in different ways depending on needs. Select Pipeline, compact view, maps or list view. Step by step article.
The List View in DetailUsing the customisable List View you can select and work with single or multiple records, inline edit to update and perform mass actions.
Using the Navigator DashboardThe Navigator Dashboard gives you a broad overview of your account and helps you to visualize certain items that require your attention.
Viewing and Exporting Entity Changes in PipelinerThe "View Changes" button allows users to see changes made to any entity record within Pipeliner.
Filters in detailHow to use filter options to segment data using criteria or combination of custom fields. Save profile view and share with others.
Filters - Working with AND & OR operatorsUse Custom Expressions in Filters to combine ANDs & ORs together with parentheses to create complex criteria for data segmentation & reports