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Backend Functions & Administration
Backend Functions & Administration
Another unique feature of Pipeliner CRM is that the backend administration is just as user-friendly and visual as the frontend application! This allows those working in the business to be admins and not rely on expensive, dedicated technical resources to administer the system
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Getting started with Units, Users, and Roles
Using the Settings Menu for the Admin User
Changing Ownership and managing users who leave your company
Understanding Terminology for the Admin User
Managing your First Pipeline
Using the Admin Module — Fields and Forms
Using Bulk Update to change data
Lead Management — Creating Lead Processes
Lead Management — Creating Lead Forms
Opportunity Admin — Setting up Opportunity Qualification and Won Forms
Exporting Data from Pipeliner
Importing Opportunities (and Products) into Pipeliner
Advanced Fields & Forms — Calculated Fields
Advanced Fields & Forms — Web Resource Fields
Importing Data into Pipeliner — Tips on Data preparation
Importing Leads (and Accounts and Contacts) into Pipeliner
Saving and Sharing an Import Mapping Template
Importing Contacts (with or without Accounts) into Pipeliner
Importing Accounts into Pipeliner
Advanced Fields & Forms — Lookup Fields
Advanced Fields & Forms — Rollup Fields
User Roles — Working with Advanced User Permissions
Advanced Fields & Forms — Autonumber Fields
Advanced Set Up — Custom Entity Names
Subscription Management — How to enable 2 Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On for all Pipeliner users
Using Lead Action Fields for Lead Management
Multilanguage Support
Advanced Fields & Forms — Working with Validated Fields (Dropdowns, Multi select checkboxes, Radio)
Quotes — Creating Quote Forms
Quotes — Creating Quote Processes
Adding another Pipeline
Setting up Products, Product Line Items and Pricing for use in Opportunities
Using Sales Action fields for Opportunities
Importing Products and Pricing for use in Opportunities
Advanced Fields & Forms — Field Permissions
Importing and Exporting Users in Pipeliner
Using the Audit Log (Admin Module)